Last Minute Super Bowl Party

Did you have plans to attend a Super Bowl Party that have been foiled by the snowy weather? Our plans haven’t been greatly affected since we were hosting a couple of other families – who live in our neighborhood.

Snowy Super Bowl PartyIf you weren’t planning to be home, I have pulled together a few food and activity ideas to make the game still fun at home with your family. I pulled together a few ideas for football snacks that you may have around the house. I also gathered a few last minute activity ideas to make watching the game more fun.

Last Minute Super Bowl Food


I don’t think I’ve ever been in a stadium that didn’t serve popcorn. When we attended the first Michigan Football game last season, my daughter was in awe of the popcorn waiting to be served.Popcorn at Michigan Stadium Concession StandSo pop some popcorn and enjoy (and pretend you’re in the warm stadium)!


The Super Bowl is being played in Arizona which is known for it’s southwest/Mexican food. I typically have Mexican Shredded Chicken in the freezer and tortilla chips in the pantry. Layer your shredded chicken on chips, add cheese, and bake. Top with lettuce, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream to taste.

Mexican Shredded Chicken



We usually have the ingredients to make pizza on hand. Our plans for today call for two pizzas. We’re using a Pillsbury Hot Roll Mix to make the crust and have pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, onion, and pepper most of which we usually have on hand. We’re also making a barbecue chicken pizza using an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel mix, barbecue sauce, cheese, and chicken.

S’mores Dip

My dad was planning to bring this S’mores Dip to our house. However the ingredients are fairly basic – mini-marshmallows, chocolate chips, and graham crackers. I should have all of them in my pantry, so I will be able to make it.

Last Minute Super Bowl Activities

Game Squares

My family has held a Super Bowl Squares pool since I was a child. In Squares, a 10×10 grid is created with each square representing the last two digit of each team’s score. Players signup for squares before scores or teams are assigned. Once all of the squares are assigned, the scores for the grid are selected


The nice thing about the Squares game is that you can easily adjust the buy-in based on the group. The buy-in can be done on a square-by-square basis or on an even split. You can also forego a buy-in and offer a prize instead of cash to the winner.

Our family of 5 had a $1 buy-in for 20 squares each. The person whose name was in the square with the score at the end of the first, second and third quarters would win $1. The person whose name was in the square at the end of the game would win $2.

I am attaching a Football Squares PDF that contains a blank grid and draw sheets for both the team and the score. Cut the draw sheets and separate into three piles – one with the two names, and two that each contain the digits 0-9 First draw a team name to determine which run across the top, then select the digits for the top then the digits for the side.

LEGO Building Instructions

Yesterday, I was intrigued by these LEGO instructions to build a stadium. I bet my daughter and friends will enjoy building and customizing their own stadiums.

Coloring Pages

My daughter has never been a big fan of coloring, but loves activity sheets. Here are some links to activity sheets from the NFL directly and some team specific coloring sheets that I found:


I’ve never played Bingo with the Super Bowl before, but after playing gift bingo at my sister’s baby shower, I thought the Super Bowl would be a great opportunity to play Bingo. I used the website for my sister’s baby shower. It allows you to enter your own word lists and then it creates different game boards. It creates 10 boards at a time, and I was able to create 40 unique boards for my sister’s shower. I have created a word list for this year’s game which includes commercials, on field occurrences, and likely topics of conversation (i.e. Deflate gate). Feel free to copy this directly into or edit it to your liking.

The Helmet Catch
Lynch Media Day
Let it Go
Sherman Baby
Onside Kick
Punt Return Touchdown
Pick 6
Two Point Conversion
Fair Catch
Field Goal
Pass Interference
Red Flag
Automatic Booth Review
Jurassic World
Batman v. Superman
The Slap
Carnival Cruise
Disney Parks

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