Disappointing Breakfast at Airport

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For the last week I have been blogging about the Ann Arbor Airport Pancake Breakfast which we attended in both 2009 and 2010. We attended again today and were quite disappointed.

We arrived at 10:15 and they were out of pancakes (the event ran 8a-noon). They had sent someone to Sam’s Club to get more pancake mix and were not selling tickets until they returned. Either there was poor planning or they had a much larger crowd than anticipated.

We elected to have one person wait in the food line and the rest of the group went out to explore. My daughter enjoyed the bounce house for a few minutes, but there were some bigger kids in there so it was pretty rough. The line for the pedal planes was pretty long and we were not sure that she would still fit in the planes. Since food was not available you had both the early arrivals who had finished eating and those who had not yet gotten their food in line for the bounce house, face painting, and pedal planes so the lines were pretty long.

In the past, there were planes parked on the tarmac and you could wander around looking at them and talk to many owners who wanted to show off their planes. This year, most of the tarmac was blocked off and you could not get near the planes. There were maybe 5 that you could see up close. I am wondering if the change was a safety precaution


We explored the airport for about 10 minutes. My daughter spent about 5 minutes in the bouncy house and got a temporary tattoo. They still did not have the additional pancake mix, so we decided to just go home for breakfast.

Based on this year’s experience, I don’t know if we’ll attend next year or not.

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