Brick Bash 2017 Review

This afternoon we attended Brick Bash at Skyline High School. Brick Bash is a fun LEGO themed event that benefits the Skyline High School Band.

Brick Bash 2017

Activities at Brick Bash

Brick BAsh includes exhibits to look at, hands-on activities, and of course vendors.

Brick Bash 2017 - Ball Transport

Ball Transport


Brick Bash Exhibits to Look At

Local LEGO groups and individual enthusiasts have amazing creations on display. Most of these are custom designs. My daughter was particularly intrigued by the motorized displays such as a crane, a circuit to move LEGO soccer balls, and a custom amusement park.

Brick Bash 2017- Carnival

Motorized Carnival

She loved the LEGO Batman display where you had to find the 14 Batmans, 6 Jokers, 2 Batgirls, etc.

Brick Bash 2017 -Batman Search

Batman Search

I love the building recreations. Some of my favorites where the Grand Hotel from Mackinac and the skyscrapers. There were also a number of themed displays.

Brick Bash 2017- Grand Hotel on Mackinac

Grand Hotel on Mackinac


Hands-On Activities at Brick Bash

As in past years, there is a LEGO Building area. New this year is a racing ramp to test your creation against others. My daughter has revised her vehicle several times – she started with giant wheels and it was too large for a single lane on the track.

Brick Bash 2017- Checking Race Car

Rocks & Robots camp was also present with their Mindstorm robots for the kids to test.

Vendors at Brick Bash

Of course there are several vendors selling LEGO Products. You can buy rare LEGO Mini-figures. My daughter and I checked out the Disney Mini-Figures to go with Cinderella’s Castle. We ended up not buying any since we had already ordered the ones that we wanted.

Brick Bash 2017- Disney Minifigures

My daughter’s favorite part of the vendor tables was the ability to build your own minifigure for $5. She decided not to buy one, but had fun digging through the bins and cutstomizing a minifigure anyway.

Brick Bash 2017- Build a Fig

Visiting Brick Bash

Brick Bash has expanded to two days for 2017. The hours for Saturday, February 25 are 11a-6p. The Sunday, February 26 hours are noon-5p.

Brick Bash is held at Ann Arbor’s Skyline High School (2552 N. Maple Rd). The event is held in the second floor of the school. There is an elevator right at the entrance for families who have strollers, wheel chairs, or limited mobility. The aisles were wide and I saw people successfully navigating them with strollers and wheelchairs. This is a definite improvement in the space compared to years ago when they were at WCC.

Admission is $5/person or $20 for immediate families of 4+. They accept cash or major credit card. Parking is free and readily available.

Concessions are available. We saw pizza, donuts, popcorn, drinks, candy, and Caribou Coffee and smoothies.

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