Safety Town by Ann Arbor Rec & Ed

Safety Town through Ann Arbor Rec & Ed

Disclosure: Safety Town through Ann Arbor Rec & Ed has sponsored this listing and provided information for the listing.

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Safety Town through Ann Arbor Rec & Ed
Organization: Safety Town through Ann Arbor Rec & Ed Safety Town by Ann Arbor Rec & Ed
  • Camp Location: Wines Elementary School, 1701 Newport Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
  • Website:
  • Contact Email:
  • Contact Phone:
  • Best News Information for Summer 2020:
  • Summer 2020 Updates:
  • Cost: $115 (Half Day)/$265 (Full Day)

Age Ranges:
  • Kindergarteners
  • Elementary School
Camp Schedule
Weeks Available:
  • Week 4 - July 6-10
  • Week 5 - July 13-17
  • Week 6 - July 20-24
  • Week 7 - July 27-31
Schedule Available:
  • Full Week
  • Full Day
  • Half Day
Longest Day Possible (may have extra fees): 7:30 am–5:30 pm
Camp Cagtegories


About Safety Town through Ann Arbor Rec & Ed

Safety Town is for children who are entering Young 5s, Kindergarten, and first grade. Safety Town is offered with your choice of a half-day standalone program (8:45-11:45a) or as a full-day Safety Town Camp program (7:30a-5:30p). Safety Town by Ann Arbor Rec & Ed

Safety Town Topics

Children at Safety Town learn valuable safety skills. They learn basic safety skills like pedestrian, bike, and car safety. All students leave with a t-shirt and a bike safety helmet. Students also learn how to call for help – 911 and a parent’s phone number. Special Guests include AAPS’s Buster the Talking School Bus, and local police. Ann Arbor Rec and Ed tries to group students with their future classmates and can be a great pre-Kindergarten experience.

Safety Town Memories

To this day (almost 40 years later), I still remember my Safety Town classes (in Illinois) and how excited I was for the class. The highlight that sticks in my mind is riding a trike through the little town and learning road safety. With such fond memories, when my daughter was transitioning from pre-school to kindergarten, the first activity that came to mind was Safety Town. I was thrilled to find that Ann Arbor has a thriving program. My daughter attended Safety Town in 2011 before entering kindergarten and really enjoyed it. One of her highlights was getting to ride a school bus. My daughter attended the half-day session, but was able to be placed in a class with her friends who were enrolled in the full day Camp. She loved Safety Town and would come home telling me about what she learned. Her only complaint was that she didn’t get to stay for the afternoon camp like her friends did. She would ask every morning if this was the day she got to stay. I also want to warn parents that (at least in 2011), Safety Town ended at 10:30a on Friday with a presentation made to parents after drop-off and before graduation. Parents are encouraged to stay for the entire morning. Students enrolled in camp may stay for the entire camp day (until 5:30) or leave with a parent who attends the morning session.

2020 Safety Town

For 2020 Safety Town will be held at Wines Elementary School (it was at Bryant when my daughter attended). The curriculum includes learning car safety, bicycle safety, fire safety, stranger danger, and much more. There have been several cases where lives have been saved by what children learned at Safety Town.

Register for Safety Town

Safety Town (half-day) costs $115 while the full-day Camp costs $265. Registration begins on February 11. Some sessions, particularly the full day, can reach capacity so register early for the most options. Registration for Safety Town is available online (you can also add to the waiting list for full day at this link).

  • July 6-10
  • July 13-17
  • July 20-24
  • July 27-31


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