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Edith Hefley Tot Lot

This profile of Ypsilanti’s Edith Hefley Tot Lot Playground is part of our Playground Profiles Series. Are you interested in sponsoring the series? Contact us for details.

Each week Ann Arbor with Kids is profiling a different playground in the Ann Arbor area including Ann Arbor, Saline, Ypsilanti, Dexter, etc. Today we are profiling Edith Hefley Tot Lot part of the Ypsilanti system.

Ypsilanti’s Edith Hefley Tot Lot

As the name tot lot implies, Edith Hefley Tot Lot is a small play area designed just for young kids. It is not quite a full-fledged playground, but still offers fun especially for smaller kids and short visits.

Edith Hefley Tot Lot – Playground Features

Playground Profile Last Updated: July 31, 2018

Playground Best for: Kids Under 5
Structures: 0
Accessible Structure: No
Slides: 1, Straight Slide
Monkey Bars: No
Zip Line: No
Climbing Apparatus: Yes
Merry Go Round: No
Bouncers: No
See Saw: No
Sandbox: No
Natural Play: No
Swings: 2 traditional swings, 2 baby swings, 0 parent/baby swings, 0 adaptive swings, 0 tire swings
Ground Activities: No
Surface: Wooden Mulch
Shade: No –
Seating: No

Swings picture

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Edith Hefley Tot Lot – Park Details

Park Owner: Ypsilanti
Location: Elm St & Pearl St, Ypsilanti, MI, USA
Parking: Street Parking –
Bathrooms: No
Walking Trails: No – Neighborhood sidewalks
Water Play: None
Picnic Benches: No
Pavilion: No
Sports Fields:

Edith Hefley Tot Lot Description

Ypsilanti’s Edith Hefley Tot Lot offers a few fun activities that are great for young kids.

They have a stand-alone slide instead of a big structure. Unlike the standalone slides from my childhood, this one is plastic – no worries about a burning hot metal slide.

Ypsilanti's Edith Hefley Tot Lot Playground Profile - Slide

Instead of a sand pit, they have a gravel pit and digger. I prefer the gravel to sand since it creates less mess that the kids track home. We had a gravel pit instead of sand in our home playground too.

Ypsilanti's Edith Hefley Tot Lot Playground Profile - Gravel Pit

Even at 12, my daughter loved the climbing dome. These were a staple of playgrounds when I was young, but are not at many playgrounds today. My daughter challenged herself to climb it no hands.

Ypsilanti's Edith Hefley Tot Lot Playground Profile - Climbing Dome

The baby bucket swings are a step up from the plain black ones. They are molded with a higher back to provide more support.

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