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Peachy Fitness

Ann Arbor Yoga & Dance Studio for children, adults & families

Disclaimer: Peachy Fitness is a sponsoring location on Ann Arbor with Kids. They have paid for an upgraded Location Profile.

Peachy Fitness classes offer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere in their yoga classes and Zumba classes. They offer classes for kids, families, and women’s only classes. They also run a number of other programs for kids and families. They offer summer camps, birthday parties, and scout programs.Peachy Fitness Zumba & Yoga

Peachy Fitness Classes

Peachy Fitness offers Yoga and Zumba classes for women, children, and families. Since their inception in 2012 they have expanded from classes for adults to offer classes for children and families. Classes are available by the session, by a punch-pass, or on a trial class basis.

Peachy Fitness Kids Classes

The main focus of the fitness programs at Peachy Fitness is Yoga and Zumba. They offer both Yoga & Zumba classes for kids starting at age 3. With dedicated parent/child classes for preschoolers, elementary school classes, family classes, dedicated tween & teen programs, and adult only classes (both women only and mixed gender classes), Peachy Fitness offers a class for almost everyone.

Popular kids classes at Peachy Fitness include Zumba Kids, Young Yogis, and Teen Yogis. They also offer a basketball program to introduce the basics of basketball.

In addition to the fitness classes, Peachy Fitness will be adding craft workshops such as their Holiday Gift Workshop in November 2014.

Peachy Fitness Family Classes

Peachy Fitness offers parent/child classes for preschoolers. They also offer a number of family classes. Preschoolers and their parents can choose between Zumba or Yoga. The whole family can participate in Family Yoga (ages 3 & up) and Family Run Club (ages 6 & up).

Peachy Fitness Adult Classes

Peachy Fitness offers both Yoga and Zumba adult classes. Both yoga and Zumba are offered as mixed gender and women’s only. They offer lunch-time programs, evening, and weekend classes. Peachy Fitness also makes a fun destination for a Bachelorette Party with Zumba, Yoga, and Belly Dance options. Peachy Fitness also offers Corporate Classes at various businesses around town. If you would like to scheudela

Peachy Fitness Camps & More

Peachy Fitness Camps

Peachy Fitness offered summer camps in 2014 and plans to continue offering camps. In addition to summer camp, they will be offering camp sessions over winter break, on Black Friday, and during select other breaks. Stay tuned for their schedule.

Peachy Fitness Girl Scout Programs

Peachy Fitness offers Girl Scout Programs that are tailored to meet the objectives of specific Brownie and Junior Dance and Fitness badges. I know my daughter’s troop loves fun activities and earning badges. Even better, Peachy Fitness will bring the program to your troop’s meeting place.

Peachy Fitness Birthday Parties

Are you wondering where to have your child’s birthday? Peachy Fitness offers your choice of birthday party themes including Dance, Yoga & Art, Zumba, Sing-Along, or Crafts. Both packages are for up to 15 kids and include Zumba, craft time, games, and time for cake/food/socializing. You can bring your own food for the party. I love being able to supply my daughter’s favorite foods at a party.


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