Yummy Dinner, New Sandwich Option

To celebrate my daughter’s first day back to preschool, we went out to dinner at Bagger Dave’s tonight. She now has a new favorite sandwich – Grilled Peanut Butter with Honey and Bananas.

We have recently discovered the combination of bananas with peanut butter and honey thanks to a recipe in her Highlights High Five magazine for banana dippers. So, when I read her the Bagger Dave’s Kids Menu she was eager to try the Grilled PB with Honey and Bananas. (If you haven’t been to Bagger Dave’s be warned that their sandwiches come on hamburger buns. When they make the sandwiches, they face the inside of the bun out).

She really enjoyed the PB with Honey & Bananas. Personally, the bananas were not ripe enough for me, but I prefer my bananas ripe to overripe. We will definitely be making this at home.

My husband had a BBQ Bacon Burger and I customized a small turkey patty. We also did a mix and match of sweet potato chips and fries. All of our food was good.

I id have a couple of quibbles with the service. First, my daughter was served a grilled cheese instead of her peanut butter, banana, and honey. They let her keep the grilled cheese and brought us a takeout bag for it while they brought her the new sandwich. She was a great sport about waiting for her sandwich while she ate her pickle and a few fries. Also, with the Mix & Match fries we were offered Honey Mustard or Honey Cinnamon dipping sauce. The waitress told us we could have both if we wanted. When we got the bill we were charged for the second sauce. Neither issue will keep us from returning.


Unfortunately, I forgot to use either a burger card or my husband’s UofM ID discount.

If you go on a Tuesday, the burgers are $1 off.

Also, the hostess told us that they are having a Thomas event on October 3. I am trying to get more details to share with my readers.


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    I work for Bagger Dave’s and just wanted to apologize for the service issues and the food goof.

    We are indeed having a Thomas the Train event on Sunday, October 3rd. Our kids meals for kids 12 and under will be 1/2 off, plus we will have Thomas the Train-themed goodie bags, a coloring contest, a costume contest, and free face painting. Our electric train will be transformed into an authentic Thomas the Train too!

    I can send you the flyer for the event, please e-mail me at info@baggerdaves.com.

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