Ypsi Alehouse Review - Food & Games

Ypsi Alehouse Restaurant Review

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Tonight we decided to have ice cream at Go! But, we needed dinner first. We decided on Ypsi Alehouse since it is easy walking distance to Go! Ice Cream.

Food at Ypsi Alehouse

Ypsi Alehouse has a fairly simple menu. They offer sandwiches, salads, burgers, and small plates. There is also a daily special and the menu has a half-rack of ribs. 

My daughter and husband both opted for build your own burgers. The burgers don’t come with a side, so they added one side of fries to share. My daughter’s burger below only had a few fries added. They loved their burgers. My daughter’s only disappointment was that they didn’t have pickles. However, they will be making their own pickles shortly.

Ypsi Alehouse - Build Your Own Burger


I had the special of the day – Fish Tacos. They were delicious. I was worried that might be spicier than I like (I am a wimp with spice), but they were fine.

Ypsi Alehouse Review - Fish Tacos

On our first visit, my husband enjoyed the half-rack of ribs. I was less happy with my choice of the Goat in the Garden Biscuit (Goat cheese, caramelized onion, tomato jam and basil on a house made cheddar peppercorn biscuit). It was too dry for me, but I was willing to try the Alehouse again with a different order.

There is a kids menu available. It has items like PB&J, Grilled Cheese, and more. From a quick glance, the kids menu seemed to be focused on younger children. At 11.5, my daughter prefers the adult meals.

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I would also like to try some of their small plates – particularly the Baked Brie – and bar snacks – especially the pretzels. Unfortunately, I’m the only one in my family who likes Baked Brie.

Do you have dietary restrictions? Their online menu indicates several items which are Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free. 

Beverages at Ypsi Alehouse

Ypsi Alehouse has a selection of in house brewed beers. My husband enjoyed a Jimmy Jack’s Normal beer. I am not a beer drinker, but I had a Cherry Cider. They also offer cans of soda and lemonade (my daughter’s choice). Additionally, they have juice boxes for the kids.

Entertainment at Ypsi Alehouse

The Ypsi Alehouse has a small music area where they sometimes have live music. There was a local musician the first time we visited. They also offer an area for darts.

Personally, we enjoyed their game shelf both times we visited. The first time we visited, my husband and I grabbed a deck of cards to play rummy while waiting for our food. Today, my daughter picked Scrabble which we all enjoyed playing – I like having a big kid.

Ypsi Alehouse Review - Food & Games

Don’t worry if you have younger kids, Zingo is one of the games. It was one of my daughter’s favorites as a preschooler and my nieces and nephew love it too.

Ypsi Alehouse Review - Game Shelf

We don’t always make the time to play games at home, so this was a fun night for our family.

About Ypsi Alehouse

We were first introduced to Ypsi Alehouse at the 2016 YpsiTasty Grub Crawl. My husband and I returned nearly a year later, in early June while our daughter was camping and then we returned tonight as a family.

The Ypsi Alehouse’s service model is similar to a European pub. You order at the bar and food is delivered to your table. 

Ypsi Alehouse’s address is 124 Pearl Street (at the intersection with Washington). There is plenty of parking on the street and in lots. The meters in the area only require payment during the day on weekdays (verify on your meter). 


Go! Ice Cream

As I mentioned, we selected Ypsi Alehouse because of it’s proximity to Go! Ice Cream (10 N. Washington). We love their home made ice cream. As a bonus, they are usually not as crowded as the Ann Arbor ice cream shops. 

Ann Arbor Ice Cream Shops - Go Ice Cream Ypsilanti

Tonight, my husband and I shared two scoops of Mint Chocolate Chip, one of our favorite flavors. We love the taste of fresh mint in the ice cream.

Go Ice Cream - Mint Chocolate Chip

My daughter chose her favorite, Sweet Browned Butter. Go! offers a flavored ice cream each night. Tonight’s flavor was Honey Almond which my daughter sampled and loved. She decided to get it on top of her ice cream.

Go Ice Cream - Sweet Browned Butter & Honey Almond Whipped Cream
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