Young Rembrandts: The Power of Drawing Summer Workshops

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Young Rembrandts: The Power of Drawing is holding a series of one-week, half-day workshops for ages 5-10 at locations in Ann Arbor and Saline. Summer workshops are also offered in Plymouth/Canton, Northville, South Lyon, Brighton and more.

Young Rembrandts Power of Drawing - Ann Arbor Summer Camp

This summer, “The Power of Drawing!” takes you to places, spaces and other worlds! Children will explore realistic, stylistic and abstract drawing, graphic design, and cartooning using colored pencil, design marker and pastel techniques to enhance their analytical and perceptual drawing skills. Students build a week-long portfolio. At the end of the week, they have the opportunity to exhibit and discuss their work.

Young Rembrandts Power of Drawing - Dinosaur Drawings - Ann Arbor Summer Camp


Throughout the week, students draw from exciting workshop themes designed to thrill and motivate their sense of creative observation and enlightenment. Themes include:

  • A World of Dinosaurs
  • Favorite Apps and Video Games: Putting a Personal Touch on Pixel Block Characters
  • Exploring Ocean Life
  • Animals Galore
  • Adventures in Space and Faces
  • Fashion and Flowers

Young Rembrandts Power of Drawing - Big Pencil - Ann Arbor Summer Camp

Ann Arbor Summer Workshops

The Ann Arbor Young Rembrandts Workshops are for kids ages 5-10. All workshops are at Ann Arbor’s Mathnasium (2111 Packard Street C, Ann Arbor, 48104). The Power of drawing workshops are the week of August 21-25. There are morning, afternoon, and full-day sessions available:

  • Morning Workshop – 9:00-11:30am – $155
  • Afternoon Workshop – noon-2:30pm – $155
  • Full-day Workshop – 9:00am-2:30pm – $295

Register at:

Saline Summer Workshops – Over

The Saline Young Rembrandts Workshops are for kids ages 6-10. Saline Young Rembrandts Workshops are at Pleasant Ridge Elementary (229 Pleasant Ridge Dr, Saline 48176). All workshops were held the week of July 31-August 4. There were morning and afternoon options:

  • Morning Workshop – 9:00-11:30am – $149
  • Afternoon Workshop – 1:00-3:30pm – $149

Register at:

More Young Rembrandts Locations

There are also Young Rembrandts Summer Workhops in Wayne, Oakland and Livingston Counties. Visit for details.

Young Rembrandts Power of Drawing - Skyline Trees - Ann Arbor Summer Camp

Young Rembrandts: “The Power of Drawing!”

“The Power of Drawing!” is a premiere art enrichment program that teaches students how to break down complex objects into familiar and simple shapes using problem-solving skills and imagination, thereby enhancing each child’s sense of pride and personal accomplishment. The secret to the program’s success is that children ALREADY love to draw – Young Rembrandts just takes their love a little further, by giving them a solid foundation that will take their drawings from doodles to confidence-boosting achievements.

This eight-year curriculum was created by a group of educators, designers and fine artists who know that learning to see and create visual images is now recognized as essential to a child’s learning process and development of critical, cognitive brain-training skills. It teaches your child how to deconstruct and reconstruct images using a variety of engaging subject matter that will bring them to increased levels of mastery and confidence, developing self-discipline, spatial reasoning, and problem solving skills that are fundamental to all the visual arts. This “brain-training” curriculum has been linked to improved academic performance for participants. Boasting eight year’s worth of fine art, design, and cartoon lessons, the program guides a child with technical and skill-based instruction. It is about learning fundamental core art skills, techniques and art vocabulary, while developing visual, spacial organization. It is about understanding visual relationships and how certain elements, when combined, form a whole.

Young Rembrandts Power of Drawing - Owl - Ann Arbor Summer Camp

Children learn the foundational skills of fine art, design, and cartooning. They learn how fine art is a way to visually express oneself using skills and tools that are necessary as a foundation to personal creativity. They learn about realistic, stylistic and abstract concepts that are all based on composition and proportion as core skill sets. Students study design as a form of visual problem solving as we learn how a concept or message can be communicated through color and the relationship of forms. They have fun learning cartooning as forms of visual storytelling, sequencing, and the expression of figurative and facial emotions.

Train your brain to see with “The Power of Drawing!”
Contact Carole 810-772-9990 for questions or help with registering.

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