Yardbird Smoked Meats Dining Review

Last night I was invited to attend a blogger dinner at Yardbird Smoked Meats in Keego Harbor with other bloggers. I was able to bring one of my readers with me.

Yardbird Smoked Meats

Since our visit was a tasting dinner, everything was served family style so that we could sample a wider variety of dishes than i few ordered from the menu. There were definitely items which I loved that we tried that I never would have ordered on my own.

Appetizers at YardBird

Our meal started with Parmesan Tots. These were probably my least favorite dish of the night.

YardBird Parmesan Tots



I really enjoyed the Yard Chips (aka nachos). They were easily my favorite appetizer and one that would be a big hit with my family to share. Unfortunately I didn’t realize at the time that my photos did not turn out well.

They have just added fried green tomatoes to the menu. I had never had fried green tomatoes before. I enjoyed them and would definitely get them again.


Meats at YardBird

Naturally the highlight of the meal was the meat platters – after all it is called YardBird Smoked Meats.

The first meat dish that they brought out was the smoked cod. Typically I see salmon on the menu at Barbecue restaurants, so it is nice to see a different fish. The cod was quite good although heavy on the dill. The sauce was a little spicy for me, but I have a fairly low tolerance.

Yardbird Smoked Cod

The platter of meats started at the other end of the table and we didn’t have room to set it down so I wasn’t able to take a picture. I had the chance to sample the pulled pork, beef brisket, and the ribs. The pork was delicious and a great consistency. Sometimes I find pulled pork to be overcooked and mushy, but I loved their pulled pork. The brisket was also excellent and very moist. (I should add that they brought us additional brisket and from what I heard the second batch was a little dry. I didn’t have any brisket from the second batch.)

Side Dishes at YardBird

We had several side dishes during our meal. We started with the Mac & Cheese that was served at the same time as the fried green tomatoes appetizer.

YardBird Mac & Cheese

The mac & cheese was delicious. It had the perfect amount of cheese. It was also a homemade cheese sauce and not a processed cheese.

YardBird Jalapeno Corn Bread & Green Beans

I was hesitant to try the jalapeño corn bread since I have a low tolerance for spice. However, it wasn’t overly spicy and I thought it was delicious. Typically I add butter to my corn bread so it isn’t too dry. However, this corn bread was perfectly moist.

The Green Beans were served cold with red onions and carrots. I make a similar dish, so I enjoyed it. However, some of the other dinner guests said that they weren’t overly found of the cold green beans. I know some of my family says the same about the recipe that I make. I’ll chalk the difference up to a personal preference. I am not sure whether the dish was the green bean casserole or a vegetable of the day.

I am not typically a fan of baked beans. However, I found the YardBird Bacon Dog Pit Beans to be quite good. I would definitely recommend them to my family who like beans.

Overall Review of YardBird

My daughter wasn’t with me (our group was all adults), but I took a look at the Kids Menu. I was glad to see that there was a combination of traditional “kid meals” (chicken fingers, burger, hot dog) and BBQ meals (BBQ sandwich or ribs). I definitely appreciate when there is a more sophisticated dinner for my daughter to select instead of having to buy her an adult entree.

I really enjoyed our dinner at YardBird Smoked Meats, and will definitely return. Yardbird Smoked Meats is located in Keego Harbor. It took us about an hour at rush hour to reach Yardbirds Smoked Meats. However, I don’t know that I would make a special trip from Ann Arbor just for dinner. Instead I would save Yardbird Smoked Meats for a time when I am already in the area.

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