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A couple of years ago, I was inspired by the “Win, Lose, or Draw” television show to create a Word Draw Party Game for my daughter’s birthday party. I brought it into the 21st century using my iPad and our Apple TV. The game is very popular among my daughter’s friends and our family. Many of her friends ask if we’ll be playing it whenever we have a gathering. It is very adaptable to different topics since I can create a custom word list for each occasion.

Family Thanksgiving Fun and Leftover Pie Recipes - Word Draw on TV

How to Play Word Draw

You can play Word Draw as either a team game and keep score or as a fun party game where everyone just shouts out answers. We usually play it as a party game.

Pre-Party Preparation

  • Download a drawing program to your iPad (I used Penultimate from Evernote which is free)
  • Print your word list – You can download my Thanksgiving Word List or create your own
  • Cut the word list into strips of one word, fold them, and place in an unused Pie Plate.

Starting the Game


  • Use AirPlay to mirror your iPad onto the Apple TV (On your iPad swipe up and select AirPlay -> your Apple TV -> turn on the Mirroring option)
  • Open Penultimate App on the iPad
  • Select a Player to go first

Playing the Game

  • Player selects a word from the word list
  • Player draws picture on the iPad
  • As they draw the picture the audience shouts out their guesses
  • Move to the next player (we usually let whoever guessed the last one go next)

Family Thanksgiving Fun and Leftover Pie Recipes - Word Draw

Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV also offer the ability to project onto a television with select mobile devices. The game play would be the same on any device, however, I cannot provide specific setup instructions.


Word Draw Word Lists

I have developed several word lists over the years and will continue to update lists as I create them:

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