Whiting Forest Canopy Walk - Midland Dow Gardens - Photo of canopy walk over apple orchards on an early fall day

Explore the Longest Canopy Walk in US at Whiting Forest

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Did you know the longest Canopy Walk in the United States is just two hours away from Ann Arbor? In October 2018, Dow Gardens in Midland opened their new canopy walk at Whiting Forest. It also features a playground, apple orchard, and much more.

A friend and I visited on a weekday that month while the kids were at school to check it out. My daughter and I returned during Spring Break 2019 and have a few updates to the article.


Activities at Whiting Forest

Canopy Walk

Dow Garden’s Canopy Walk is a unique way to explore Whiting Forest. It has three branches each of which provide a different vista and a unique experience.

We started with the spruce tree grove. As you overlook the spruce trees from 25′ above the ground, there are cargo nets to climb through. Without my daughter there on my first visit, I had to brave the cargo nets.

Canopy Walk - Cargo Net in Spruce Grove - Whiting Forest - Dow Gardens

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The orchard view provides the highest vista at 40 feet above the ground. The platform has a glass section allowing you to look below and out without obstruction.

Canopy Walk - Glass Balcony in Orchard Grove - Whiting Forest - Dow Gardens

Finally, view the forest pond from 25′ above. On the walk to the pond, use the rope bridge to explore the larger pod or take the safer walkway extension and explore the smaller pod. The larger pod includes a tunnel below the main floor. I left that for the kids to explore.

Canopy Walk - Rope Bridge to Pod - Whiting Forest - Dow Gardens

Even better the main walk is ADA accessible with ramps and wide paths which is great for strollers as well as wheelchairs. While there are wide paths, I don’t recommend side-by-side double strollers. On our second visit, I saw some double strollers that took up almost the entire width of some sections blocking guests from passing them. They would also be a problem where people are waiting in line to cross the rope bridge to the pod above.


Whiting Forest Playground

Along with the Canopy Walk, they debuted a new playground. Instead of a traditional structure, it is a more natural playground with slides built into hills, tunnels through the hills, a rock wall, and more.

Canopy Walk - Playground from Above - Whiting Forest - Dow Gardens


There is even a water feature – a stream with a duck run and stepping stones for kids to explore. This will be great for warm summer months.

Canopy Walk - Playground Stream/Duck Run - Whiting Forest - Dow Gardens

The playground also features swings – infant swings, regular swings, an adaptive swing, and a platform swing.

The playground is gated for safety. It is located right outside of the cafe and offers outdoor cafe tables overlooking the playground and picnic benches in the playground. The water fountain in the playground includes a bottle filling station.


Forest Classroom

The Forest Classroom offers educational programming and is open for forest guests when not in use for a class. Displays included animal skins and artifacts, pond water under the microscope, and tree cross-sections.

Canopy Walk - Animal Pelts in Forest Classroom - Whiting Forest - Dow Gardens


Food At Whiting Forest

The Whiting Forest Cafe is right outside of the playground and offers additional parking. They have a limited menu, hot drinks, and snacks. On our first visit, they offered sandwiches. But on the second visit, only offered soups and light salads. 

The cafe offers cozy fireplace seating and cafe tables with tree branch inspired chairs. There was also a play area to keep the kids occupied while you take a break to enjoy snacks and drinks.

Canopy Walk - Cafe Play Area & Seating - Whiting Forest - Dow Gardens


Forest Trails

In addition to the canopy walk, there are 1.5 miles of hard-surface paths and 1 mile of wood chip/mulch paths. The hard-surface paths are porous and made of recycled tires to allow water to flow through and be absorbed by the nearby tree roots instead of being lost to runoff.

Dow Gardens and Library

There is currently a walkway to additional parking at the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library. This walkway overlooks the Snake Creek watershed. On our second visit, my daughter and I parked at the library because the main lot was full.

Thoughts on Whiting Forest Canopy Walk

I had two great visits to Midland’s Canopy Walk at Dow Gardens. One visit was with a friend, the other with my teen. My daughter enjoyed the cargo nets, rope bridge, and the views.

Canopy Walk - Tunnel in Pod - Whiting Forest - Dow Gardens


There is plenty for little kids to enjoy. Aside from the rope bridge, a stroller can travel the entire canopy walk. The playground was full of toddlers and preschoolers on our visit (weekday morning).

The design of the canopy walk was great. The canopy walk has a wire fence with a sturdy wooden bar to help it blend into the surroundings while providing a safe border. The wide paths definitely helped with the feeling of security. If you are particularly sensitive to heights, you may want to proceed with caution.

Canopy Walk - Railings on Canopy Walk - Whiting Forest - Dow Gardens


Expect the walk to be crowded on nice spring and fall days as locals and visitors flock to get a birds eye view of the change of seasons. If you can plan a weekday visit (not during spring break for the Midland area), they will likely be less crowded.

Canopy Walk - Forest Pond View - Whiting Forest - Dow Gardens

Our only disappointment is that Whiting Forest is only open during the day. There were lights installed throughout the canopy walk and it would be perfect for a night time Halloween event or a scout sleepover. Hopefully they will expand into those areas next year now that they are officially open.


Visit Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens

Location & Parking

Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens is in Midland, just 2 hours from Ann Arbor. It is just down the street from Dow Gardens. Their addresses are:

  • Whiting Forest – 2203 Eastman Avenue, Midland, Michigan
  • Dow Gardens – 1809 Eastman Avenue, Midland, Michigan

You can enter from either the Visitor Center or the Cafe near the playground and pay your admission fee. On our second visit, the parking lots at Whiting Forest were full and we were directed to the Grace A. Dow Library and used the bridge to walk to the Visitor Center.


The hours at Whiting Forest vary seasonally since they are mostly open during daylight.

  • Labor Day-October 31 – 9a-6:30p
  • November 1-April 14 – 10a-4p
  • April 15-Labor Day 9a-8p



As of March 2023

  • Adult – $10
  • Kids (age 6-17) – $2
  • Kids (5 & under) – FREE
  • College students – $2 (with ID)
  • Annual Pass – $20/Person

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