Wednesday Activity idea - See a Movie

Wednesday Activity Idea – See a Movie

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This roundup is part of our Summer Series: Wednesday Activity Reviews.

This summer an Activity Review will be published each Wednesday. Yesterday we saw a screening of Finding Dory (look for the review on Friday), and with a chance of rain in the forecast, it seems like the perfect chance to suggest movies as a fun summer activity. Plus, with school winding down and my daughter camping with her Girl Scout troop the last two weekends, we have not been able to experience any activities to review. 

There are two ways to experience movies this summer. You can head to an indoor movie theater which is a great way to spend a rainy or very hot day.  There are also several outdoor movie showings over the summer. 

Indoor Movies

Summer Movie Series

Local theaters are running several different series this summer.

Dollar Movie at Quality 16

Quality 16 has Dollar Movies each weekday at 10a. There is a different movie each week. Admission to the movie is $1. When we attend, I usually add a Kids Combo for my daughter.


The schedule can be found in our Dollar Movie post.

Summer 2016 Quality 16 Dollar Movies

Summer Movie Clubhouse at Rave Cinemas

Rave Cinemas holds the Summer Movie Clubhouse on Tuesdays in the summer. Each movie is $1 or you can purchase a season long pass for $5.

The schedule can be found in our Summer Movie Clubhouse post.

Summer Movie Clubhouse

Flashback Cinemas

This summer Quality 16’s Flashback Cinema is featuring the movies of Steven Spielberg (both those he directed and produced). Most of the movies in the program are suitable for tweens and teens. The movies show on Sundays at Wednesdays at 2 & 7p. All of the events are on the Ann Arbor with Kids Events Calendar.

Theater Discounts

The series listed above all show previously released movies. Sometimes kids want to see the latest movie (check out our Summer 2016 Movie Guide). Fortunately there are some ways to make this more affordable (beyond just the matinee price).


Rave Cinemas

We live closer to Rave Cinemas, so that is the theater that we usually visit. We’ve discovered several ways to save money while seeing movies at Rave. Wednesdays are discount days with standard 2D movies priced at $5.75 all day (Real 3D is available for a $3 upgrade fee). They also offer $6 Early Bird pricing on the first matinee before 1p daily. We’ve even used this deal on the weekends.

The final Rave deal is for snacks. They offer a refillable popcorn bucket and drink cup (soda or Icee) for $7 each. They can be refilled on subsequent visits in the calendar year for $3.50. This is our third year with both. Since we typically buy popcorn and a drink, we save a lot of money with this deal. When there are two of us, we share the popcorn and drink. When all 3 of us are at the movie, my husband and I share the refills and we buy a kids combo for our daughter.

Quality 16

Quality 16 also offers discounted movies on Tuesday with all 2D movies at $7. The 3D upgrade is $2.50

Outdoor Movies

Outdoor movies are always a lot of fun. Best of all, most of them are free.

Top of the Park

Top of the Park shows a movie Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday nights through July 3. Check out our write-up of their announcement for the full schedule.

2016 Top of the Park Movie Lineup

Dive-In Movies

Ann Arbor Parks will be holding Dive-In Movies during the summer at Fuller Park Pool. Standard pool admission applies.

No Events

Movie in the Park

There are a few Movie in the Park options this summer. Saline has two upcoming movies in the park – Star Wars: The Force Awakens on July 12 and Zootopia on August 19.

SRSLY Cinema in Chelsea

As part of the Sounds & Sights Thursday nights in Chelsea, they will show the SRSLY Cinema movies. The movie schedule can be found on the Sounds & Sights website.


The closest Drive-In movie theater is at USA Hockey Arena (on Beck Rd in Plymouth). They have 3 screens which each show two movies starting around 9:15p. Tickets are priced per person ($10/adults, $8/kids ages 4-12, Free/kids 3 & under)


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