Waymarket Park - See-Saw

Waymarket Park – Tuesday Playground Profile

This profile of Waymarket Park is part of our Summer Series: Tuesday Playground Profiles

Each week Ann Arbor with Kids is profiling a different playground in the Ann Arbor area. Playgrounds will be selected from Ann Arbor, Saline, Ypsilanti, Dexter, etc. This week we were at Briarwood Mall playing Pokemon Go and planning to head to a park to review for this week’s Tuesday Playground Profile. When I checked the Pokemon Go map, I could see Pokemon, a Pokestop, and a Gym nearby. We discovered Waymarket Park which is a short walk from the mall.

Waymarket Park - Park Sign

Waymarket Park

Waymarket Park is located at Signature Blvd and Waymarket Dr near both Signature Club Apartments and the Briar Cove Terrace Apartments. The Park offers a walking path to Briarwood Circle and Briarwood Mall. The playground is east of Signature Blvd with a path to the mall. There is also a grassy area along a retention pond with seating along Waymarket Dr.

Location: Signature Blvd & Waymarket Dr
Unique Features: See-Saw, Sand Play Area, Walking Distance to Briarwood Mall.


Waymarket Park - See-SawSwings: Yes, 2 buckets 
Surface: Woodchips
Bathrooms: No
Shade: The playground is in full sun. The walking path to the mall is in the trees, but was still in full sun when we were there
Pavilion: No.
Sports Fields: No, but some grassy areas.
Walking Trails: The park offers a trail to Briarwood Mall and some areas to walk along the retention pond.

Waymarket Park - Path to Briarwood MallParking: Waymarket Park has a couple of parking spots and is easy walking distance from apartments and the mall. 

Waymarket Park Playground Review

Ann Arbor Parks offers both large “destination” playgrounds and smaller neighborhood playgrounds. Waymarket Park is one of the neighborhood playgrounds, but it also has the advantage of proximity to the mall. I know a few times I’ve been looking for a playground in that area, and wish I had known about Waymarket Park when my daughter was younger.

Waymarket Park - Play Structure

Waymarket Park is a great park for toddlers and preschoolers. The only swings that are offered are bucket swings and there are two great side-by-side slides that are not too tall. There is also a sand area with a digging crane.

Waymarket Park - Sand Pit

There are still a few features for the big kids too. My 10 year old loved the see-saw and the Monkey Bars.

At the same time, there is an area designed for younger children. This area has a smaller slide, bucket swings, and smaller climbing areas. It is separated from the rest of the playground by a fence, although the entrance from the rest of the playground is open.

Waymarket Park - Monkey Bars

And if you are a Pokemon Go player, the park has a Pokestop and a Gym. We were able to check in at the Pokestop and found several Pokemon around the park, we are not at a Level 5, so we couldn’t join battle for the Gym.



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