Visiting AADL - Playing Chess Downtown

Visit the Ann Arbor District Library – Wednesday Activity Review

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Visiting the Library is today’s Wednesday Activity Review

Each Wednesday this summer, Ann Arbor with Kids is covering an activity typically aimed at children in Elementary School. Especially with the heat, a trip to the library is always a great choice. In addition to all of the great books, each of the Ann Arbor District libraries offers other fun activities. AADL also hosts great events for all ages at their branches.

Visiting AADL

Ann Arbor District Library Branches

There are currently 4 Ann Arbor District Library Branches to visit – the main Downtown Branch, Malletts Creek Branch, Pittsfield Branch, and Traverwood Branch. The West Branch is currently closed for renovation and expansion. I will be sure to update you when it reopens.

  • Downtown Branch – 343 South Fifth Ave
  • Malletts Creek Branch – 3090 East Eisenhower Parkway
  • Pittsfield Branch – 2359 Oak Valley Dr
  • Traverwood Branch – 3333 Traverwood Dr
  • West Branch – 2503 Jackson Ave (currently closed)

Library hours are:


  • Monday 10a-9p
  • Tuesday-Friday 9a-9p
  • Saturday 9a-6p
  • Sunday noon-6p

Summer Reading, Books, & More

If your child is not working on the Ann Arbor District Library Summer Reading Game, I definitely recommend signing them up for at least the reading portion of the game. After 10 books, they will be able to select a book from the library cart. My daughter is still working her way through her 10 books. As she’s gotten older, her books take longer to read so it isn’t as easy as when she was a preschooler and we could read 10 picture books in a week.

The Ann Arbor District Library offers a great variety of books, books on CD, movies, and music and any of the branch libraries. The downtown library also offers “Unusual Items” for lending such as home tools, art tools, music tools, and games.

Fun Activities at the Libraries

Each branch offers different activities for kids. All of the branches offer computers with games for kids. 

My daughter has loved the ball popper at the Pittsfield Branch since the library opened when she was a baby. Pittsfield Branch also offers several puzzles and small toys to play with. At the Malletts Creek Branch, my daughter enjoyed playing with their toys when she was younger.

Last week, my daughter loved the games at the Downtown Branch – we played chess in the youth area and Connect Four in the lobby. While you’re at the Downtown Branch, don’t forget to check out the Fairy House in the books. 

Visiting AADL - Playing Chess Downtown

Summer Game Codes

In addition to reading books for the Summer Reading Game, you can play the Summer Reading Game by collecting codes found throughout each library and for attending events. So far this summer, we have been to the Downtown Branch and the Malletts Creek Branch. I love how the codes at each of these branches follow a theme (movies at Downtown and countries at Malletts Creek).

AADL Events

All year the Ann Arbor District Library runs amazing events, but over the summer they increase their event offerings particularly for school aged children. My daughter loves their event. This summer we have attended the Comic Arts Festival and built a Penny Battery. Last year my daughter loved Marshmallow and Roller Coaster Engineering as well as making clay Minions.

Upcoming AADL Events for Elementary & Middle School Students:

No Events



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