Traffic Alert for Saturday – Manchester United vs. Real Madrid at Michigan Stadium

It’s settled, I’m definitely steering clear of downtown Ann Arbor on Saturday, August 2 because of the  Manchester United/Real Madrid game at Michigan Stadium. We make it a general practice to stay clear on football game days, but have had to navigate around town to various soccer fields the last two years. With the added complication of road construction/closures on Ann Arbor-Saline and Huron/Jackson Rd, State St will likely bear an increased traffic burden.

This afternoon, Briarwood Mall shared that after the soccer game (around 6p) State St will become southbound only from the Stadium area to I-94. Eisenhower Parkway will also be Eastbound only from Main St to State St.

In addition, Main St will be closed alongside the Stadium (between Pauline and Stadium) and game-day parking restrictions will be in effect in the nearby neighborhoods.

Fortunately, most of the Ann Arbor area events are before game time so hopefully there will be minimal impact on attending events.

Update: This morning I discovered that Ann Arbor is even more of a mess than I realized. The Jackson Rd exit is closed from WB I-94. (Of course I was trying to get to Quality 16 for their Dollar Movie this morning and there is no sign until you are past Ann Arbor-Saline Rd (I would have used SB AA-S to Oak Valley to Scio-Church to Wagner to Jackson instead of going west to Zeeb Rd). According to today’s MLive article, the ramp is open when driving on EB I-94.


Don’t forget that from EB I-94 you cannot access northbound Ann Arbor-Saline Rd and from WB I-94 you cannot access southbound Ann Arbor-Saline Rd.

When heading to the game from the west (EB I-94), you can utilize Jackson Rd but will need to be prepared for lane restrictions on Jackson Rd and Maple Rd before West Stadium Blvd.

When heading to the game from the east (WB I-94), you can utilize Ann Arbor-Saline Rd north from I-94. However, when departing the Stadium, you cannot utilize Southbound Ann Arbor-Saline Rd to I-94.

Additionally advice can be found in the MLive article on suggested travel routes.

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