Throwback Thursday: Halloween through the Years

For my Throwback Thursday post, I am going to reflect on my daughter’s Halloween costumes over the years. We’ll start with a Throwback all the way to mid-October. Overall, there are 13 years of Halloween, 13 costumes (she repeated her 2008 costume in 2009, but had two costumes in 2015).

Halloween 2018

Halloween TBT Ravenclaw

Halloween 2017

Last year my daughter was an archer. Finding an appropriate costume was a bit tricky since she sized up into the women’s costumes.

Halloween Throwback 2017 - Archer


Halloween 2016

In 2016 my daughter was Captain Phasma from Star Wars – The Force Awakens.

Halloween Throwback Thursday - Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma

Halloween 2015

She had two costumes in 2015. Her initial costume was a Minecraft Enderman which she wore to Greenfield Village and her school party. However, the head was more cumbersome than she expected. She found it difficult to see since the head shifted easily. With a rainy trick or treat forecast, we decided to convert to a black cat. I had bought reflective stickers for her all black Enderman costume that worked perfectly as a grey tail and chest patch.

Halloween Throwback Thursday - UndermanHalloween Throwback Thursday - Cat


Halloween 2014

Zamora from Guardians of the Galaxy

Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy

Halloween 2013

Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village

Princess Leia

Halloween 2012

Molly American Girl Costume

My daughter as Molly, from the American Girl Molly Book Series.

My daughter loved the American Girl Molly since they look alike. In Kindergarten, she saved to buy the doll for herself over the summer. The next fall she decided to replicate the costume that Molly wore in the stories.

Halloween 2011

Image 5


I loved my daughter’s take on her Rapunzel costume. It evolved throughout the month of October. She started by wearing the hair braid, but then decided it was too heavy. Then, since she has brown hair, decided she was Rapunzel from the end of the movie once her hair is cut. Finally, she added the mask that she made at Michaels. So, she decided there was a deleted-scene from the end of Tangled where Rapunzel attends a masquerade ball.


Halloween 2010

Darby from My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Darby from My Friends Tigger & Pooh

She had wanted to be Darby in 2008, but I talked her out of it saying no one would recognize her. However, she didn’t give up on the idea and 2 years later was Darby.

Halloween 2009


Tinkerbell again – at Preschool Halloween Party

Yes, she was Tinkerbell 2 years in a row. No, I didn’t make her repeat the costume.


Halloween 2008

Tinkerbell Watches Disney Halloween Fireworks

Tinkerbell Watches Disney Halloween Party Fireworks

Halloween 2007


Snow White at the AADL Library Party

Snow White at the AADL Library Party

Halloween 2006

Baby's First Halloween

Minnie Mouse

At almost 10 months old, she loved her first Halloween. She got to go to the library party and trick or treat Downtown. She was able to walk (with a little help) to do her trick or treating.

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