Make Your Ultimate Easter Basket at Meijer

Disclaimer: Meijer provided me with some items for my Ultimate Easter Basket and a gift card to buy additional items.

Two weeks ago, on St Patrick’s Day after surveying the mischief the leprechaun had done at our house, my daughter (age 9) stated “My friends told me you’re really Santa for me. Does that mean you are the Leprechaun and the Easter Bunny too?” I confirmed the Santa and asked what do you think about the Leprechaun and Easter Bunny? She said I think you are them too. Her biggest concern was that the Easter Bunny & Santa Claus would stop bringing her gifts. She confessed that she knew before Christmas, but didn’t want to say anything. I laughed because I also never told my parents for the same reason. I assured her that the Easter Bunny and Santa would still be visiting our house.

Since this is our first holiday where she officially knows, I need to come through with a great Easter Basket! When Meijer asked me if I wanted to participate in their Ultimate Easter Basket promotion, I knew it would be a great fit since I shop there all the time.

Meijer Ultimate Easter Basket for my Tween

Starting an Ultimate Easter Basket

To start our Ultimate Easter Basket, Meijer sent me an Easter basket with two American Greetings Plush Bunnies, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Eggs, and stickers. My daughter is so happy that a new basket was included in what I received from Meijer. She has an Easter “pail” and really wants to switch to a basket. I tried to convince her more goodies fit in the pail, but she is ready to move on.  I have to say I am a little sad that she is done with the pail that I bought her as a baby.


You can get your very own bunny from American Greetings for FREE too. All you need to do is purchase 3 American Greetings Cards ($0.99 cards do not qualify) to get a free bunny plush.

Easter Bunny Plush Free with Purchase of Three American Greetings Cards

I try not to put too much chocolate in my daughter’s Easter basket. Otherwise I’ll be in the pantry looking for a snack in August with her Easter chocolate staring back at me. She’s like her father in that regard. Chocolate from their Christmas stockings are still in our pantry today. On the other hand, my chocolate lasted until mid-January and I was proud of myself for making it last that long!


Shopping for my Daughter’s Ultimate Easter Basket

Two weekends ago, my daughter was camping with Girl Scouts, so my husband and I perused the toy aisles at Meijer looking for items for her Easter Basket. He found a new LEGO Avengers Age of Ultron set on sale (the Hulk Buster set). She is very excited for Avengers Age of Ultron and loves LEGO – a perfect fit for her basket.

Then last weekend my daughter was spending the night at a friend’s house. So, my husband and I went back to Meijer to finish shopping for her Easter basket. We wandered through the Easter goodies in the main aisle and the toy aisle looking for some gift ideas.

My daughter and her friends love to have NERF gun fights around the neighborhood. My daughter already has a NERF Rebelle gun that she really likes, so we settled on Nerf Rebelle accessories – new darts and a purse pouch. She’ll be able to carry refills with her instead of having to collect her darts to reload! Even better Meijer had the purse pouch marked down to half-price ($4.99 instead of $9.99). My daughter is your typical Minecraft loving tween. So we added a mystery box with a mini-Minecraft figure. We also added a mini LEGO City sanitation truck set. For candy, we selected the smallest Russell-Stover bunny (they are my favorite). It’s the perfect size and only cost $1. We also selected a Chocolate Covered Peeps chick.

Meijer Ultimate Easter Basket Shopping

So you’re probably wondering about the Special K in my shopping cart. No, it isn’t an inside joke for the Easter basket. I had an mPerks coupon for a free box of cereal if I spent $10. We were also purchasing another box of less expensive cereal with our regular grocery order, so I used the cereal coupon with the Ultimate Easter Basket purchase to maximize my value.

If you aren’t using mPerks, I definitely recommend it! I was able to maximize my spending on my daughter’s Easter basket through mPerks. At different points in shopping for our Easter Baskets, I had various mPerks coupons – 10% off coupon for general merchandise, 5% on food, and $5 off of a $50 purchase. The $5 off of $50 purchase is valid today and tomorrow (April 1 & 2).

Ultimate Easter Baskets for the Cousins

Today I took my daughter back to Meijer to shop for a few Easter items for her cousins. We already have one gift for each of the cousins from our trip to Walt Disney World, but I wanted a little extra to send them. Two of her cousins live in Pennsylvania, so I need to get their package in the mail tomorrow morning.

When we arrived at Meijer, we found the display with the free plush Bunnies with the purchase of a card. My daughter loved the Name Your Bunny option and grabbed a sticker for each of our bunnies. My daughter had already determined that she would like one of the bunnies and would like to give the other bunny to her 3 week old cousin.

Meijer Ultimate Easter Basket - Plush Easter Bunnies at the Store

For her cousins who are 5 and 7, she picked these cool Crayola chalk games – Foot Hockey and Bean Bag Toss. (I wish I had seen them when I was shopping for her basket.) She wanted to get them the chalk drawing rake, but it was too big to ship.

Meijer Ultimate Easter Basket Chalk GiftsThe last step in our shopping trip was selecting packaging for the presents. Rather than selecting gift bags, I found cute Easter tote bags ($1.50 on sale for $1.12) for the two presents that are being mailed. For the baby’s gift, we bought a Baby’s First Easter card (apologies to my brother-in-law who hates glitter, all of the first Easter cards had glitter) and a wire bunny basket. My daughter and I fell in love with the basket. She lives locally, so I don’t have to worry about shipping the basket.

Meijer Ultimate Easter Basket Cousins

My daughter loved getting to pick out items for her cousins and create the baskets for them. I’m glad that she’s still enjoying Easter even knowing the truth about the Easter Bunny this year.

What would you put in an Ultimate Easter Basket for your kids?

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    Hi, I know this is an old post, but I am searching for this same 2015 american greetings bunny in this post. My daughter received one that year for her first birthday and has been inseparable with it ever since and it has started to fall apart. I know it is a long shot but wondering if anyone has the same bunny that is in good condition or never used. Thank you!

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