The Goose Was Cooked at Milan Fireworks

Quite literally from what I heard and saw.

Fireworks Burst at
Milan Community Fair

The Milan Fireworks are shot over Ford Lake and Wabash St is closed for spectators. We were sitting on Wabash St. A few fireworks into the show, we saw sparks coming to the right of us. It turns out that a goose was either hit by a firework or flying out of the way of them and took out a guide wire on the electrical pole between two posts. Fortunately no one seems to have been hurt (No ambulance or fire truck came through) and the wire was did not appear to be electrified since they were not doing a mass evacuation. The bird landed about 40 feet from where we were sitting – no I didn’t get a good look at the bird. To the other side we could see the wire hanging from a lamp post. Emergency personnel came and cleared a path between us and the metal barrier fence and also assisted everyone who was sitting between the barrier and the lake.

The fireworks show continued without further incident and it was an amazing show. It is a bit scary that the wire is so precarious that a bird flying into it can knock it off. I guess when the birds are not startled, they are not apt to fly into the wires.

Loved the UFO ships
at Milan Community Fair

We had a great time at the fair. We arrived in Milan and had dinner at Milan Grill. The food was good and I liked that as an adult I could add fruit instead of fries to my sandwich (unfortunately the kids don’t have this option). We then hit the carnival rides. My daughter continues to love the spinning rides. She was disappointed that she was less than an inch too short for the bumper cars. But we did do the swings, tilt-a-whirl, and spinning apples (twice) with her. Plus she did some of the kiddie rides. The lines were long, so we did not get done as many rides as we would have liked. Next year, we will arrive early and do rides and then take a break for dinner.

One thing I love about the Milan Fair is that it is super easy to get out after the fireworks (and one more ride). We parked on Main Street facing east and were able to pull right out after the fireworks and get on 23 without any traffic. Leaving was a major battle after the Lakeshore Family Festival Fireworks last year and has been an issue at most fireworks displays I have gone to anywhere else.


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