The Boss Baby - Baby talks on the phone

The Boss Baby Review

My daughter and I attended an advance screening of The Boss Baby to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own. The Boss Baby officially opens on March 31, with early showings on Thursday night.

The Boss Baby - Baby talks on the phone
(left-right) Tim (voiced by Miles Bakshi) discovers Boss Baby’s (voiced by Alec Baldwin) surprising secret in DreamWorks Animation’s THE BOSS BABY. Photo Credit: DreamWorks Animation.

Our Thoughts on The Boss Baby

Tim (Miles Bakshi) is an imaginative 7 year old boy. As an only child, he loves being the focus of his parents (voiced by Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel). So, he is not happy about getting a baby brother. He is even less happy when The Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin) invades the family. Tim discovers the baby’s underhanded plans. So, he sets out to reveal the plans to his parents and return to a family of 3. Throughout the movie Tim grows attached to Boss Baby and appreciates being a family of 4.

The Boss Baby - Tim's Mother, Father, and Boss Baby
Tim’s mother (voiced by Lisa Kudrow) and father (voiced by Jimmy Kimmel) introduce him to Boss Baby (voiced by Alec Baldwin) in DreamWorks Animation’s THE BOSS BABY. Photo Credit: DreamWorks Animation.

My daughter and I both enjoyed The Boss Baby. While some animated movies have great appeal to the adults, this is definitely a kids movie. However, there are a few lines for the adults. Personally, I loved that the Dreamworks logo at the beginning was part of a baby mobile.

The Boss Baby - Tim & Baby
(left-right) Tim (voiced by Miles Bakshi) is confronted by his family’s newest arrival Boss Baby (voiced by Alec Baldwin) in DreamWorks Animation’s THE BOSS BABY. Photo Credit: DreamWorks Animation.

Age Appropriateness of The Boss Baby

When the movie was over, my daughter asked me what it was rated (PG). She mentioned a scene where boss baby is seen without his diaper and they blurred his private parts. They also show a bare baby butt several times. The Boss Baby has a number of fart, poop, spit-up gags throughout.

They also discuss the age old question of “Where do Babies Come From?” Tim whispers in the baby’s ear and they both say gross. But in the movie, the answer is from BabyCorp. They show a cloud like world where newborns are sorted and prepared for delivery to families.


About The Boss Baby

The final movie trailer is below:

Learn more about the movie in the studio’s release below:


DreamWorks Animation and the director of Madagascar invite you to meet a most unusual baby. He wears a suit, speaks with the voice and wit of Alec Baldwin, and stars in the animated comedy, DreamWorks’ The Boss Baby. The Boss Baby is a hilariously universal story about how a new baby’s arrival impacts a family, told from the point of view of a delightfully unreliable narrator, a wildly imaginative 7 year old named Tim. With a sly, heart-filled message about the importance of family, DreamWorks’ The Boss Baby is an authentic and broadly appealing original comedy for all ages.

Starring the voices of Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, Tobey Maguire and Steve Buscemi.

Directed by Tom McGrath.


Rated PG.

The Boss Baby

You can also learn more, by visiting the DreamWorks Animation website.

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