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Rolling Hills -“The Best Sledding Hill Ever”

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This afternoon my daughter and I met up with some friends at Rolling Hills Park in Ypsilanti to go sledding. After some initial hesitation, as we were leaving she declared it “The Best Sledding Hill Ever!” The weather was nice for sledding as well – sunny and just below freezing so it never got too cold.

The Rolling Hills Sledding Hill

The sledding hill is fairly wide offering plenty of room for sledders. There was an area that was no longer snow covered, but it was still frozen so the sleds kept going across it. One of the best parts was that there is a paved and mostly cleared path back up to the top of the hill that is separated from the hill by a fence. The cleared path was much easier to navigate than a packed-snow/ice covered trail would be.

Rolling Hills Sledding Hill - 2013

The sledding hill is higher than any my daughter had been on before, so she was a bit hesitant to go down the hill. One of her friends that we met climbed in the sled with her and they were off.


My daughter brought her straight sled that my father-in-law gave her a few years ago. This year he gave her a red, metal saucer sled, but she refused to bring it since it spins too much even on our very small hills. Even with the straight sled, she (and both of us together) had a tendency to spin going sideways and backwards down the hill. Even without a straight run, she had a lot of fun.

We are definitely hoping for more snow later this winter so that we can return (and since we have the vehicle pass it will be free to do so). I am hoping that we have a weekend with good sledding conditions so that dad can join us. It’s graduate student recruiting season, so he was meeting with prospective students today.

Other Winter Activities at Rolling Hills

My daughter probably did 5 runs (2 with me, 2 alone, and 1 with friends) before we took a break. We headed to the playground that was near where we parked. The park has a pavilion with picnic tables so the parents were able to find a clear bench to sit on. Before leaving we returned for a few more rounds on the hill. This time my daughter probably did another 5 runs and I joined her on 3 of them.

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Sledding at Rolling Hills Logistics

Rolling Hills Park is a Washtenaw County Park located at 7660 Stony Creek Rd in Ypsilanti. Many families probably know it best for their water park, which we typically visit several times each summer. The park has a vehicle admission fee of $5 for county residents. An annual vehicle pass is $25 for county residents. Last year we purchased an annual vehicle pass for the water park. Since we used it so much last year, I decided it would be a better idea to buy a 2013 pass instead of just paying for the day.

Rolling Hills Sledding (Age 8)

There is a parking lot only a short distance from the top of the sledding hill (although due to the buildings, service road layouts, and the fences it was longer than it originally looked). 

At popular times, they rent tubes and cross country ski gears. The rental room is open the following hours when there is adequate snow coverage: 4-9p on weekdays and 10a-9p on weekends and Ypsilanti School Breaks. Bathrooms are also available. 

Overall Thoughts on Sledding at Rolling Hills

We really enjoy sledding at Rolling Hills. For years, it was our go-to sledding location. When we don’t have an annual vehicle pass, we are less likely to go to Rolling Hills. 

The hill is very tall which makes it better for older kids. I would recommend mid-elementary school and older as prime ages for Sledding at Rolling Hills.

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