Ann Arbor Sledding Hills - Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills Has “The Best Sledding Hill Ever”

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This afternoon my daughter and I met up with some friends at the Rolling Hills Sledding Hill in Ypsilanti Township. After some initial hesitation, as we were leaving she declared it “The Best Sledding Hill Ever!” The weather was nice for sledding as well – sunny and just below freezing so it never got too cold.


The Rolling Hills Sledding Hill

The sledding hill is fairly wide offering plenty of room for sledders. There was an area that was no longer snow covered, but it was still frozen so the sleds kept going across it.

The sledding hill is higher than any my daughter had been on before, so she was a bit hesitant to go down the hill. One of her friends that we met climbed in the sled with her and they were off. The tall hill is perfect for thrill seekers!

Rolling Hills Sledding Hill - 2013

There is a large flat area at the bottom of the hill allowing for long runs. One of the best parts of the Rolling HIlls Sledding Hill is that there are fenced return paths on either side so you can safely climb back up to the top of the hill. The cleared path was much easier to navigate than a packed-snow/ice covered trail would be.

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Rolling Hills Snow Tubing

The Rental Room at Rolling Hills rents tubes for snow tubing. Tubes are $10/hour. You can also bring your own tubes for snow tubing and start sledding right away. Be prepared to spin as you tube down he hill.

Other Winter Activities at Rolling Hills

In addition to the big hill, the Winter Park at Rolling Hills offers cross country trail with skis available for rent.

Let the kids enjoy a snowy playground. The playground is on the opposite side of the lot as the hill.

The lodge offers a warming space with bathrooms. It can be rented for birthday parties.

Rolling Hills Sledding Logistics

Rolling Hills County Park is a Washtenaw County Park located at 7660 Stony Creek Rd in Ypsilanti. Many families probably know it best for their water park, which we typically visit several times each summer.

Vehicle admission is $6/day or $30/annual vehicle pass. We typically purchase an annual pass which allows us to use the sledding hill, water park, and visit Independence Lake.

Rolling Hills Sledding (Age 8)


The sledding hill is located behind the lodge building. There is a parking lot in front of the lodge providing convenient access to the sledding hill.

At popular times, they rent snow tubes and cross country ski gears. The rental room is open the following hours when there is adequate snow coverage: 3:30-7p on weekdays and 9a-7p on weekends and Ypsilanti School Breaks.

Overall Thoughts on Sledding at Rolling Hills

We really enjoy sledding at Rolling Hills. For years, it was our go-to sledding location.

The hill is very tall which makes it better for older kids. I would recommend mid-elementary school and older as prime ages for Sledding at Rolling Hills.


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