Outside Corn Maze at Talladay Farms Corn Maze

Talladay Farms Corn Maze Review

We just made our second trip of 2013 to Talladay Farms Corn Maze. They offer 3 mazes, a roughly 45 minute maze, a roughly 30 minute maze, and a haunted maze. Both times we did corn maze #1 (the 45 minute maze) – once in daylight and once in dark.

Outside Corn Maze at Talladay Farms Corn Maze

Review of Talladay Corn Maze

Our first visit was on Sunday afternoon with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop. We started with a troop event at Wasem Fruit Farm where we had donuts and apple cider before splitting into groups for the apple orchard or the pumpkin patch.

We then reconvened before a large group walked over to Talladay Farms. Most of our group had purchased the Groupon that was available in September. A few people had extra admissions since they had purchased a Groupon for 4 when they only needed 3 admissions.


This was the first time I had ever been in a corn maze, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Being in a large group (25-30 people), it was a challenge to keep people together particularly when some of the girls wanted to run ahead. One of our troop leaders suggested a methodical approach of making all left turns or all right turns (when you run into a dead end, reverse course and turn in your specified direction which would take you on the next path option. We went with right turns and it did help us navigate the maze right at the 45 minute time that they list for maze completion.

Talladay Farms Corn Maze

Even though it had rained hard the day before, we did not find the corn maze to be overly muddy. There were only one or two places where I found it to be wet. My daughter and I had a lot of fun at the corn maze and decided to return tonight with my husband, my parents, and my sister.


Tonight we headed back to Talladay Farms Corn Maze around 8p. Since it was evening, the haunted maze was operating. We could hear the chain saw, horn, and screams coming from the haunted maze as we entered the corn maze. If your children are sensitive to scary sounds, it is better to visit during the day when they won’t hear the haunted maze.

It was a different experience doing the maze at night. In the evening we ran into more groups of teens, and more people who were lost or looking for parts of their group than we had during the day. 

Flashlights are required. We brought LED flashlights with us and they helped. Again we went with our plan to take all turns the same, this time opting for left turns. The plan worked great quickly getting us to the first 5 checkpoints. Then, we ran into trouble between the 5th checkpoint and the exit. As we approached turns, there were several that we decided were dead ends without going all the way to the end. Once we ended up back at the fifth checkpoint, we knew we had made a mistake somewhere. Sure enough, there was a path that we had decided was a dead end, but when you got closer to the end, we discovered a path that branched off of it. With that discovery we were able to find our way out.

The maze took us an hour and 10 minutes, quite a bit longer than the estimated 45 minutes. My daughter enjoyed the maze at night, although she was disturbed when we were lost.


We enjoyed both experiences, but I would recommend a daytime visit with younger children. It is easier when you can see your path. I am definitely going to be on the lookout for corn maze discount deals for 2014.

About Talladay Corn Maze

Talladay Corn Maze is located on Judd Road in Milan next door to Wasem Fruit Farm. Unfortunately, they have had a run of bad weather. In 2019, the spring was too wet to allow them to plant their crop.


The corn maze is typically open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from late September through the end of October.

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