Taking a Back-to-School Breather

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Is your family settling into a hectic Back to School routine? My daughter did surprisingly well with an earlier bedtime and the early morning wake-up last week. On the other hand, I’m still adjusting to the new wake-up time. I’m also still adjusting to the new bell schedule at Ann Arbor Public Schools figuring out what time I have to leave to get to school as the pickup line starts moving. So far, I was 15 minutes early when I ran errands on Wednesday and was late on Friday thanks to a highway closure following an accident. 

Since my husband drives our daughter to school on his way to work, my morning responsibility is to keep her on schedule and get their lunches packed. This has definitely gotten easier now that our daughter is in fourth grade and is fairly self-sufficient. After they leave, I take some time during breakfast, to read my e-mail, Facebook, and some news sites before diving into the more involved work of managing Ann Arbor with Kids. During this time, I’ve also been catching up on some of my favorite shows before the fall TV season returns – thank goodness for Netflix and Hulu.

Taking a Back to School Break with Bigelow Tea - #MeAndMyTea

Making Tea

Bigelow Herbal Tea is a great addition to my break. It doesn’t add much work since it is very easy to make. I’ve found it very easy make with our Keurig. I simply place a teabag in my mug and run the Keurig without a K-cup. It is much faster than heating an entire tea kettle to make one cup of tea.


To make iced tea, I simply pour the steeped hot tea into a plastic, ice filled tumbler. I always use a plastic cup so that the change in temperatures doesn’t crack glass or ceramic (a stainless steel cup would also work).

Taking a Back to School Break with Bigelow - Making Iced Tea #MeAndMyTea

Buying Bigelow

There are a number of varieties of Bigelow Herbal Tea available at Walmart. Everyone in my family enjoys drinking Bigelow Herbal Tea both hot and iced. With no caffeine, no sugar, and no artificial sweeteners it is a great choice for all of us. We had a bit of a debate as to which flavors we should buy.
Taking a Back to School Break with Bigelow - Shelves at Walmart #MeAndMyTea


We ended up selecting I Love Lemon and Mint Medley, two of our favorite varieties of Bigelow Herbal Tea. We also decided to try Chamomile Vanilla and Honey.

Taking a Back to School Break with Bigelow - Varieties #MeAndMyTea

Taking a Break

With the hot days to kickoff the school year last week, Bigelow’s I Love Lemon tea was perfect over ice. The fruity flavors of the tea reminded me of lemonade, but without the added sugar. I love having such a flavorful zero calorie drink! Once I had my iced tea made, I fired up my Apple TV to decide which of my favorite shows to watch.

Taking a Back to School Break with Bigelow - I Love Lemon #MeAndMyTea

This morning it was much cooler, so I made a hot cup of Bigelow’s Mint Medley to sip on as I started my day. After making my tea, I took it up to our office to work on this post with a little TV in the background.

Taking a Back to School Break with Bigelow - In the Office #MeAndMyTea


Check out more Bigelow Tea flavors and brand history at bigelowtea.com. Which one would you pick to take a break from your busy Back to School routines? 




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  • My mornings are always so hectic, but it’s nice to sit down once my boy has left for school and just relax with a cup of tea. I Love Lemon is one of my favorites, but I totally need to try that Mint Medley! [client]

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