Coolest Playgrounds

Today I was reading an Article on Shine by Yahoo about the coolest playgrounds in the USA. Those playgrounds definitely look cool even though I haven’t been to any of them. In thinking about it, I thought this would make a great reader feedback topic. What is the coolest playground your child has ever been …

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Jungle Java Canton Review (Ann Arbor was Closed)

From Jungle Java website On Friday I was planning a playdate for my daughter’s class after school (morning kindergarten). We had been hoping to go to a park, but the weather had other plans. When I had asked about options prior to scheduling (Jungle Java, inflatables, swimming), Jungle Java had the most votes for the …

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Attack of the Geese!

We went to Gallup Park today & while feeding the Canadian Geese and ducks in the youth swimming pond we were being hounded by a goose & some ducks on the dock. The goose nipped my daughters fingers taking bread out of her hand. We went to the playground by the youth fishing pond. This …

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