Swing Set Update – Partial Day 1

Yesterday afternoon I was helping at my daughter’s preschool. When we got home my father had already started excavating for the swing set. He had torn the grass out where the swing set goes and marked off the outline.

Fortunately there is neighborhood common area behind our house that has patches without grass, so we are using our sod to fill in those spots. Hopefully it will take. Unfortunately, we have only torn out the area for the swing set frame and have just about filled those spots. I don’t know what we are going to do when we tear out the rest of the grass. I guess it will just go to the compost bin.

Unfortunately our downspout was buried and came up right in the middle of the swingset frame, so we will also be moving the outlet about 12 feet to be beyond the play area border. But, this is also giving us the opportunity to add a drain for the area under the platform with a simple y joint and 2′ of pipe.

Of course, the ground is not level, so we will need to level it a bit. We made a trip to Home Depot and purchased patio leveling sand, the drain material.

Hopefully by the end of the day I’ll have a lot to report, and maybe even some pictures.


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