Swimming at Independence Lake

Despite the cool temperatures this morning we continued with our plans to go to Independence Lake. It was our first trip there.

As someone who grew up on the east coast, the beach is nothing like the ocean which I am used to. The sand is not a fine sand, it is more of a dirt/gravel sand. There are maybe 6′ of sand from the grass to the lake. The swimming area is not huge but it was adequate for the crowd that was there the day I was. There are numerous picnic benches and plenty of grassy area to spread your blanket out for a picnic. On one side of the beach area is a splash zone. On the other side through a grove of trees is a play structure. The play structure was geared more towards older children, although my 3.5 yr old was able to do most of it.

They have a pavilion on the hill behind the beach which provides restrooms, vending machines, and a concession stand. There were quite a few day camps there, some run by the park itself and others there for the day. The camps were mostly on the play structure and at the pavilion.

My daughter does not like being dirty, so the sand was not for her. She did spend some time at the splash zone and the playground. The friends we went with did enjoy playing in the sand & the lake, so did not want to go to the splash zone or playground with her. We were there from 10-1 and our friends were still there when we left.

Independence Lake is a Washtenaw County park in Whitmore Lake which has a lake with beach area and a splash zone. There are also boating areas. County residents pay a $5 entry fee per vehicle or you can buy a yearly pass for $25. Rates are higher for non-county residents. Be prepared that you will drive on unpaved roads to get there.

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