Strawberry Season Starts Tomorrow

I just received an e-mail from Rowe’s Produce Farm in Ypsilanti that they will have u-pick strawberries beginning tomorrow, Sunday, June 7. Strawberries are often limited in early days and they will not always be open all day. I suggest calling (or checking their Facebook status) to see if they still have strawberries available for the day. Sometimes they even need to close for a day to let additional berries ripen.

Berry Picking Logistics

Rowe’s Produce Farm is located at 10570 Martz Rd, Ypsilanti. We typically take I-94 East of Ann Arbor to the Rawsonville Rd exit and head south to Martz Rd.

This year strawberries are $1.99/lb. Boxes for picking are provided free of charge when you check in at the barn to find out which fields are currently available for picking.

If you want a significant quantity of berries (such as to make jam), Rowe’s is currently recommending to wait a bit. They also suggest calling to verify that berries are still available for picking before heading over in the afternoon.


We have picked strawberries at Rowe’s several times through the years and my daughter loves helping to pick the berries.

Experiences at Rowe’s Produce Farm

We have picked strawberries several times over the years at Rowe’s Produce Farm. I definitely recommend picking berries on a weekday if possible. When we went on a Saturday in June 2012, we waited in line for an hour to pay for our berries.

I love having fresh berries around the house. In addition to eating the berries, I typically make strawberry jam. This year I am also planning to make more of the Strawberry Mint Agua Fresca and the Mixed Berry Agua Fresca that I made last year.


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