Strawberry Season Starts Today!

Last night I saw on Facebook that Rowe’s Produce Farm in Ypsilanti will have u-pick strawberries beginning today, Monday, June 9. Strawberries are often limited in early days and they will not always be open all day. I suggest calling (or checking their Facebook status) to see if they still have strawberries available for the day. Sometimes they even need to close for a day to let additional berries ripen.

We have picked strawberries at Rowe’s several times through the years and my daughter loves helping to pick the berries. When I went looking through my old posts to find my write-ups of past experiences, I was shocked to find that last year strawberry season started on Saturday, June 7. With the long, cold winter I was expecting a later start to strawberry season. However, upon further research, I saw that the 2012 season began on May 27, so I guess last year’s season was late as well.

We have picked strawberries several times over the years at Rowe’s Produce Farm. I definitely recommend picking berries on a weekday if possible. When we went on a Saturday in June 2012, we waited in line for an hour to pay for our berries.

I love having fresh berries around the house. In addition to eating the berries, I typically make strawberry jam. This year I am also planning to make more of the Strawberry Mint Agua Fresca that I made last week and the Mixed Berry Agua Fresca that I made this weekend.

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