Star Wars Party Light Saber Cake

Star Wars Party Was a Blast

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My daughter loves Star Wars and last year wanted a Star Wars birthday party. Since my husband and I both enjoy Star Wars, it was a fun party for us to host. With Pinterest, there are plenty of Star Wars party ideas. Be sure to check out my Star Wars Party Board.

The easiest way to set the theme of your party is with themed party supplies. Birthday Express offers party supplies for many different themes.

Their Star Wars Rebels Party Supplies are an easy way to set the table and decorate for a Star Wars party.
Star Wars Rebels Value Party Pack

Star Wars Party Food

Star Wars Party Cake

From our party, the thing that I was most pleased with was the Lightsaber Cake. I cut a 13×9 cake into thirds for the light saber blades and made a 9×9 pan of brownies which I cut into thirds for the light saber handles. It provided a nice balance between a traditional birthday cake and my daughter’s preference of brownies.


Star Wars Party Light Saber Cake

We had so much fun coming up with Star Wars themed foods! We had:

  • Princess Leia Pizza Rolls
  • Obi-Wan Fruit Kabobs with Wampa Whip (fruit dip)
  • Grilled Cheese in the shape of Tie Fighters and the Millennium Falcon
  • Dax’s Sliders (burgers)
  • Ewok Logs (Mozzarella Sticks)

Our party pre-dated Star Wars Rebels, so we didn’t have any Rebels themed food.

Star Wars Party Activities

Star Wars Party Lightsabers

One of the most popular party activities on Pinterest for a Star Wars Party is making light sabers from pool noodles. Sounds great until you try to find pool noodles in January, in Michigan. Not exactly an easy task.

Instead of using pool noodles, I found solid color metallic wrapping paper at Dollar Tree. We had purple, red, blue and green lightsabers. I used the same printable that I used to make light saber napkins on the wrapping paper.

After the kids made their light sabers, we had a session of Jedi Training.

Star Wars Party Jedi Training


Star Wars “Pictionary”

A favorite party game at our house in recent years has been “pictionary”. We use an iPad for the kids to draw their picture and project it on the television via AppleTV. I created a Star Wars themed word list and added some space and birthday words since not all of my daughter’s friends are Star Wars fans. The great thing about this game is that it is adaptable to any party theme.

Star Wars Party Hoth Visit

As I mentioned, my daughter’s birthday is in January and last winter we had lots of snow. After other party activities, concluded, my daughter and friends donned their winter gear for a trip to Hoth. They had a great time playing in the snow.

Your Star Wars Party

Would your child love a Star Wars Party?

What food would they want to incorporate?

What activity would they want to include?

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