Star Wars Camp Review

Right before spring break my daughter came running out of her classroom to meet me waving the flyer for Spring Break camps and begging to do the Star Wars camp. I had to tell her no since we were going to Disney World. Her response was a disappointed “Oh, man”. She was mollified with a promise to attend the camp over the summer and the opportunity to participate in Jedi Training Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Guess we could have saved a lot of money by sending her to Star Wars Camp instead of taking her to Universal Studios and Disney World.

When I was looking into summer camp, I knew that Star Wars camp would be given a priority. When I looked at the Ann Arbor Rec & Ed summer camp schedule, I found that there was a Star Wars camp session in July that was the same week as a conference my husband was attending. That was perfect timing since it works well for me to have her in camp at least part of the day when my husband is out of town. Plus, I knew that we would not schedule a family vacation that week.

My daughter LOVED Star Wars Camp. Two of her friends declared it the “Best Camp Ever”. While my daughter wasn’t quite as emphatic as her friends, she has a tendency not to go to the extremes. There are no “best ever”, “worst ever”, or favorite declarations from her. Even so, she could not stop talking about camp.

At Star Wars camp, they had light saber fights, played Death Star Battle (aka Dodge ball), had Jedi meditation, learned Star Wars songs, created their own planet spaces, made Jedi or Sith capes, and watched parts of the movies.

The campers were split into 3 or 4 groups based in part on age, “experience level”, and friendships. My daughter was in a group placed with several of her friends (including two other girls). Each time a child attends Star Wars camp they progress through the ranks…Padawan, Jedi, Jedi Master, etc. There was one child who was on their 20th session. It is definitely a way to encourage kids to keep attending Star Wars camp.


On the last day of camp, they presented Star Wars the Musical with each group singing a song adapted to Star Wars lyrics. Then each child was presented with a medal (Oreo wrapped in aluminum foil). My daughter was thrilled that Dad was able to make the camp musical. There were some issues with his flights.

Star Wars Camp is one of the Hooked on Fun series of camps offered through Ann Arbor Rec & Ed. One of her friends had attended the June session of Star Wars camp camp. Based on his experience, I learned a few things:

  • Camp was nut-free even though it was not clearly communicated in the pre-camp materials
  • The camp is mostly boys (his session had 3 girls total out of around 60 kids, my daughter’s session had more, maybe 10/60)
  • Kids should bring a lightsaber if they have one

My one regret is that I didn’t go see her classroom on Friday morning. Each classroom was decorated like a different Star Wars planet. On Thursday, she and a friend had the idea that they should hand out candy when people toured their planet – and neglected to tell her friend’s mom & I until 7p. So after a quick dinner, we headed out to find nut-free candy that wouldn’t melt in the heat. My impression was that the parents were going to be doing the touring at the end of camp show, but the touring was done by the other classes that morning and the classrooms were cleaned up. While I appreciate that they needed the time to clean the rooms up, I wish we had been allowed to tour at drop-off or Thursday’s pickup.

The camp was located at Forsythe Middle School which is quite a drive from our house. The location was less than convenient especially with the construction at Miller and Newport and Art Fair traffic (it was the week of Art Fair). The other downside is that much of Forsythe is not air-conditioned and it was a very hot week. On the 90+ degree days they showed the kids the Star Wars movies for recess instead of going outside.

I definitely recommend the Star Wars Camp offered by Hooked on Fun through Ann Arbor Rec & Ed. Based on my daughter’s enjoyment of this camp, I would gladly send her to one of their other camps such as Harry Potter, Super Heroes, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, and more.

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