St Patrick’s Day Tricks & Treats

The leprechauns are causing mischief –
Swapped pillows, tipped over ottoman

My daughter loves St Patrick’s Day and we have found lots of ways to make it fun. Leprechauns are tricky creatures, so each year the Leprechaun plays a few tricks in the wee hours of the morning to greet her in the morning. She has also learned that you get pinched if you aren’t wearing green – so she made sure her pajamas had green on them.

 We started simple with turning the milk green (if I have a full-gallon, I will just pour her a glass and dye the glass instead of us having to drink green milk for a week). Then I added a few more tricks. She is already talking about the tricks that he plays every year. Some other ideas that we have used: swap cushions between the family room and living room sofas swap hand towels between bathrooms turn pictures upside down or move them to new locations swap dining room and kitchen chairs.

We have a nice leprechaun, he returns the night of St Patrick’s Day to set everything straight except for the milk (keep a list so he doesn’t forget to fix anything).

As for a treat, he leaves a rainbow hunt for her to find a pot of “gold” at the end of the rainbow. The clues follow the colors of the rainbow and when she finds each item it will lead her to a clue for the next color. For example: “It’s a bit mixed up today, but when watching TV on it you can lay” (a red sofa) and some where on the sofa will be hidden the clue for something orange. The purple object will have a clue leading to a “Pot of Gold”. I purchased yellow Easter grass to use as the gold to hide a prize. You can also buy chocolate coins to use as your prize.

My prize varies year to year, usually an inexpensive toy or book that I have in my gift stockpile. If your child likes Magic Treehouse, the book Leprechauns in Late Winter would be a good gift as would the Leprechaun and other Irish Folk Research Guide. My daughter already has these or the leprechaun would definitely be delivering them this year.

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