Sledding at Leslie Science & Nature Center

Sledding at Leslie Science & Nature Center

Are you looking for the Ann Arbor sledding hills? This morning we went sledding at Leslie Science & Nature Center for the first time. The hill at LSNC has been recommended by readers in our Best Places to Sled in Ann Arbor article.

Sledding at Leslie Science & Nature Center

Note: Leslie Science & Nature Center has restricted on-site programming and access to certain areas of the site due to soil contamination. I have verified with the City of Ann Arbor that the sledding hill is not in a restricted area and is available for sledding.


Sledding at Leslie Science & Nature Center

The hill at Leslie Science & Nature Center did not seem as large as some of the hills that we have been on. However, my daughter said it was pretty steep.

Sledding at Leslie Science & Nature Center - Bottom of the Hill

Sledding Logistics at Leslie Science & Nature Center

As with most sledding hills, you need to bring your own sled. I always recommend a sturdy sled as we have personally dented a metal saucer and have seen many broken sleds at various hills.


Leslie Science & Nature Center‘s hill is located behind the Leslie House. Since we don’t live nearby, we drove and parked in their lot. I was very impressed with how well cleared their (steep) drive and parking lot were. Using the parking lot meant that we arrived at the top of the hill. You can also park on the street and walk up the hill.

Leslie Science & Nature Center offers more than just sledding. We stopped to visit some of their outdoor enclosures with owls. I was hoping to get some pictures, but my phone did not like the cold and shut itself off.

Note: public restrooms are not available.

Overall Thoughts on Sledding at LSNC

While my daughter had a great time sledding at Leslie Science & Nature Center, it isn’t our first choice primarily because of location. We live on the southeast side of Ann Arbor, so LSNC is a bit of a drive for us. One of the other Sledding Hills in Ann Arbor are a better choice for us – particularly Rolling Hills and Huron Hills Golf Course.


Other Ann Arbor Sledding Options

Check out our full list of the Best Ann Arbor Sledding Hills.

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Plus, articles on Huron Hills Golf Course:

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Veterans Memorial Park is also a great choice.

Sledding at Veterans Memorial Park

My daughter dubbed Rolling Hills the “Best Sledding Hill Ever“. Also, as a bonus, they are open at night.

Ann Arbor Sledding Hills - Rolling Hills

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