Sledding at Huron Hills Golf Course

Sledding at Huron Hills Golf Course

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Are you looking for the best place to sled in Ann Arbor? In past years we have always gone sledding at Rolling Hills County Park in Ypsilanti. My mission this winter is to explore other sledding options in the Ann Arbor area. Today we decided to go sledding at Huron Hills Golf Course. Our neighbors decided to join us in sledding.

Logistics of Sledding at Huron Hills

This was the first time that any of us had visited Huron Hills Golf Course. We started by parking in the main golf course lot at the northeast corner of Huron Parkway and East Huron River Dr. A small overflow lot is located in the southeast corner of the intersection. The sledding hills are on the back 9 of the course which is on the west side of Huron Parkway. Both lots have a signaled crosswalk across Huron Parkway to reach the sledding hills.


Hill Choices at Huron Hills

As we crossed the street, we saw people sledding on several different hills. We decided to proceed up the first hill that we encountered from the crosswalk. We continued to the crest of this hill which offered both the hill we climbed up and a short, but steep hill on the other side.

Arbor Annie Sledding at Huron Hills Golf Course

After several trips up and down various hills, my daughter was wearing down because of a cold. She and her friend ended up to the side of the hill in fresh snow where they had a snowball fight and made snow angels. After letting them play for about 15 minutes, we joined them at the bottom of the hill to go home. One last run down the hill to get back to the car is a great way to end your trip.

Sledding at Huron Hills Golf Course - Snow Fun

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When you go sledding at Huron Hills there are several hills to choose from. Each hill offers a different ride based on it’s steepness, length, and how much it has been used. This makes Huron Hills Golf Course a great place to sled for kids of various ages. The variety of hills also keeps any one hill from becoming too icy or worn down from the number of runs.

Sledding at Huron Hills Golf Course - Lots of Hills

Sledding at Huron Hills vs. Rolling Hills

After visiting both Rolling Hills and Huron Hills I saw advantages to each.

Huron Hills has multiple hills which makes it suitable for a wider variety of ages. Multiple hills also spread the crowds out and limited the wear on any one hill. Huron Hills is also free as opposed to the vehicle admission fee at Rolling Hills. 

Rolling Hills has fenced off designated paths to return to the top of the hill. Since there are a number of less defined hills at Huron Hills, there is no designated path for climbing up the hill. Rolling Hills also has lights and the sledding hill is open after dark for sledding. Rolling Hills also offers toboggan rental and restroom facilities near the top of the hill. Huron Hills does not offer any facilities near the sledding hill. Since I don’t always sled, I do like that the parking lot at Rolling Hills is at the top of the hill so I don’t have to climb up the hill.

While I can’t wait to explore more sledding options in the Ann Arbor area, we will definitely be sledding at Huron Hills and Rolling Hills again in the future.

Other Ann Arbor Sledding Options

Check out our full list of the Best Ann Arbor Sledding Hills.

Ann Arbor Sledding Hills


Veterans Memorial Park is a great sledding option on the west side of town.

Sledding at Veterans Memorial Park

The sledding hill at Leslie Science & Nature Center is a good choice for families.

Sledding at Leslie Science & Nature Center


My daughter dubbed Rolling Hills the “Best Sledding Hill Ever“. Also, as a bonus, they are open at night.

Ann Arbor Sledding Hills - Rolling Hills

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