Santa is at Briarwood Mall!

Santa and Mrs Claus arrived at Briarwood Mall last night around 6p. My daughter and I were there to greet them. We arrived to the Santa set about 5:45 and there was a reindeer there to meet.

The reindeer’s handler told us he was only10 months old, and he definitely seemed a little unsure especially when the kids started crowding around him. My daughter originally wanted to pet the reindeer, but changed her mind after seeing him swing his head around. She did pose in front of the sleigh for me.

Santa and Mrs Claus walked over followed by a group of singers. From the pictures the mall posted on Facebook, it looks like they walked the mall before arriving at the Santa set. The singers began singing and Santa and Mrs Claus made the rounds to greet the kids. I didn’t get a good picture with Santa, but did get a nice shot of Mrs Claus.

 Santa and Mrs Claus also stopped to greet the reindeer and visited with the kids a little longer before moving on to the Santa set to greet kids.

My plan was to just go for the welcoming festivities and bring my daughter back to visit Santa another time when it would be less crowded (a weekday afternoon). But, my daughter had other ideas. She really wanted to sit on Santa’s lap last night. So, while we were waiting for Santa to arrive we stood in line. Everyone in line wanted to see Santa arrive, so the line curved around the sleigh greeting area.


We were the fourth group to see Santa, so it did not take long at all. Mrs Claus greeted us at the entrance to the set and asked my daughter what her name was and whether we were buying pictures or just talking to Santa. The pictures are expensive (starting over $20), and my daughter wasn’t wearing the outfit I would have chosen for pictures, but I decided to let them take the photos and then decide. It seems to me that they would sell a lot more pictures if there price was lower. The sign does ask that you not use your own camera, but they were letting people use their own cameras and camera phones. I don’t know if this relaxed policy was because it was the first night or not.

As I mentioned, my daughter was one of the first kids to see Santa and she was the first with shoulder length hair. They had a fan setup to keep Santa cool, but the way it was angled was blowing my daughter’s hair in her face. One of the pictures they took was great except it looked like her hair was in her mouth. Santa did move her to the other knee, but that picture was not as nice. We are meeting Santa again at Briarwood’s Breakfast with Santa and will hopefully get a good picture there.

The American Red Cross was also at the event and had cards that the kids could decorate for deployed soldiers. With the event happening on Veterans Day, I think that was a nice way to combine Santa and Veterans Day.

I am very glad that we attended this event. It was a definite improvement over the Boo Bash event for Halloween.

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