Review: DKY Sushi & Thai in Ypsilanti

Recently, DKY Sushi and Thai opened at 1828 Whittaker Rd in Ypsilanti replacing a Coney Island restaurant. Prior to moving to Ann Arbor, my husband and I lived in the Washington DC suburbs where Thai cuisine is extremely popular so we were used to having a number of good Thai restaurants to try.

We had received their menu with a coupon in the mail and decided to try them out last Friday night after returning from vacation.

They don’t have a kids menu, but my daughter had no problems finding something to order. She loves fried rice and was eager to try their Coconut Pineapple Fried Rice. My husband opted for the Sesame Chicken (chicken and broccoli with rice on the side). I was planning to get Pad Thai, one of my staple Thai dishes, but theirs is served only with tofu and is spicy. I typically order either chicken or shrimp Pad Thai and am not used to it being served spicy. Since I didn’t want the tofu, I ordered Gai Kana (sautéed chicken with broccoli and baby corn and rice on the side). We all enjoyed our dishes. My husband and my daughter both had enough for lunch the following day. My plate was definitely not as full as my husband and daughter’s plates, so I didn’t have enough for leftovers.

Our disappointment came when it was time for dessert. They list a Thai Coconut Cake on the menu with three pieces, but they didn’t have any that night. We opted for the Tempura Ice Cream instead which was quite good.

My daughter’s comment was “They have really good food for a grand opening.” She was eager to bring back family to try the restaurant. We returned this week on Tuesday with my sister and her fiancé. This time we ordered two appetizers, chicken satay (which was such a hit with my daughter, that the rest of us did not get much) and vegetable dumplings. I thought the dumplings were fair. We also ordered different dishes. My daughter liked my husband’s sesame chicken so much that she ordered it last night…she mostly finished it for lunch today. I went with a noodle dish – Pad See Yu (chicken, and vegetables with a broad noodle). My husband ordered Gai Pat Prik King – Spicy Basil Chicken which is listed as spicy. I didn’t find the bite of his that I tried as very spicy, although he said it got spicier as he got to the bottom of the dish. My sister went with the fried rice and her fiancé went with sushi – a perfect restaurant for them – he likes sushi, but not Thai, she likes Thai but not sushi. I forgot to ask him what he thought of his sushi.


Again, we enjoyed our meal. My daughter FINALLY lost her loose front tooth that has been driving us crazy for weeks.

As we were leaving, my husband commented that he hopes word gets out about the restaurant so they stay in business. They were not empty when we were there on Friday night (maybe one other table was filled). Last night they were a little more crowded.

We definitely recommend DKY Sushi & Thai. Many of the adult meals are large enough that they could be shared with a child, or you could plan leftovers.


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