Revamp your Child’s Winter Wardrobe with the HVPOM Mom2Mom Sale

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With the cooler temperatures the last two weeks, I am seeing the holes in my daughter’s fall/winter wardrobe. I’m lucky that at 11 my daughter’s growth has slowed down and she can wear clothes for multiple seasons. Even so, this fall my daughter needs new jeans. Last spring she was between sizes in jeans. One size fit at the waist and was a bit too short, the next size was a bit long, and way too big at the waist. But when you have young children, a change of seasons typically means that they need a whole new wardrobe. 

A new wardrobe each season can get pricey. However if you’re looking for a bargain, the Huron Valley Parents of Multiples (HVPOM) is hosting their semi-annual Mom 2 Mom sale on Saturday, September 30. HVPOM Members will be selling tons of great items including maternity gear, toys, baby gear, and clothes for kids from birth through size 12.

HVPOM Mom2Mom Sale - September 30, 2017 - 9a-noon - Woodland Meadows Elementary, Saline

Great Deals at HVPOM Mom2Mom Sale

Parents of Multiples tend to collect fabulous doubles and triples of items. After their kids outgrow these items, they don’t have the space to keep all of these duplicate items once their kids are done with them. With this excess of goods, HVPOM members tend to sell things at very reasonable prices. Some deal samples that have been found at recent sales are a bouncy seat for $4, a like-new papisan-style infant swing for $20, new with tags U-M running suit in size 2T for $3, an oversized pair of Mickey and Minnie Mouse stuffed animals for $4.


Since many items are available in duplicate, the HVPOM Mom2Mom Sale is a great place to shop if you want to be able to have the same piece of baby gear or toy at a grandparent’s or baby-sitter’s house that you have at home.

HVPOM Mom2Mom Sale - Toys

HVPOM Mom2Mom Sale Format

The HVPOM Mom2Mom sale is easy to shop with it’s department store style format. A department store style sale is easy to shop since it is just like shopping at a department store with items on tables and arranged by category including clothing sorted by size and gender. HVPOM Members tag their items in advance of the sale with a description and a price, and they are strategically placed out by type. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for in clothing because everything is arranged on tables by size and gender.

HVPOM Mom2Mom Sale - Clothes

Additionally, all items are marked at a set price and set on tables. There isn’t any bartering, which means you can check items out and walk away without guilt if the price isn’t right for your budget. You also don’t have to worry about whether you would be able to negotiate a better deal.

The Fall Sale is a great time to find deals on Halloween costumes, winter coats & other winter gear, holiday outfits, and more.

HVPOM Mom2Mom Bake Sale for Babies

Does shopping make you (or your child) hungry? Be sure to stop by the HVPOM Mom2Mom Bake Sale for Babies to benefit the Brandon NICU and St Joe’s NICU. Since more than half of twins and almost 90% of triplets are born premature, the causes are personal for a lot of members of HVPOM.

HVPOM Mom2Mom Sale Vendors

In addition to the Mom2Mom Sale and Bake Sale, several local vendors will be selling their products at the sale. Vendors include:

  • Usborne books
  • 31 Gifts
  • Essential Oils
  • LuLaRoe
  • Kim’s crafts
  • Beauty counter

HVPOM Mom2Mom Sale Details

The HVPOM Mom2Mom sale will be held at Woodland Meadows Elementary School (350 Woodland Dr, Saline) on Saturday, September 30. The HVPOM sale will be open from 9a-noon. Admission is $2 for adults. You are welcome to bring your child in strollers to the sale. All sales must be paid with cash.

For the latest information on the HVPOM Mom2Mom Sale, be sure to follow the Facebook Page for the sale and join the Facebook Event. The night before they will post pictures from the sale to give you a shopping preview. They also usually give away free admission, so be sure to check their page and event over the next week.

HVPOM Mom2Mom Sale - Shoes

For additional information on HVPOM, their Mom2Mom sale, or membership, please visit

Fall Mom2Mom Sales

Don’t miss all of the great Mom2Mom Sales for Fall 2017. You can find the information in our Fall Mom2Mom Sale Guide sponsored by HVPOM.

Fall 2017 Mom2Mom Sale Guide Sponsored by Huron Valley Parents of Multiples

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