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With the return of the school year, our lives are about to get more busy. Next week, not only does my daughter return to school, but the soccer season starts as well and I have a few evening meetings on the calendar. As we are running from school to practice to meetings, it is often easier to grab a meal on the go.

Disclaimer: I am a affiliate and am compensated for sales through links. I appreciate your support of my blog by shopping through my links. Please read all terms and conditions of the deal before purchase, they are only summarized here. is running a sale this Labor Day. They are offering $25 gift certificates for just $4 with the promo code BITE.

This will also offer discounts on gift certificates valued at less than $25. For example, a $10 certificate for Moe’s Southwest Grill on Eisenhower Parkway costs only $1.60 with this code. My daughter has been a fan of Moe’s ever since she was a year old. She still loves going there, and so do several of her friends so we will sometimes go together or run into each other there.

Other Ann Arbor restaurants with available deals include:

Be sure to read the terms on the gift certificate for the restaurant that you are purchasing. Some require a minimum purchase. In the past, certificates that I have bought have been valid for certain meals (ie lunch or dinner), or only valid on certain days, so it is important to make sure that you understand the terms.


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