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Last week I asked for reviews of preschools and wanted to share the following reviews from my readers:

I received the following detailed reviews:
Stone School Cooperative Nursery Review – 2012
Stone School Cooperative Nursery Review – 2011
HighScope Demonstration Review – 2012
Dexter Cooperative Preschool – 2012
Sunshine Special Children’s Studio – 2012
Saline Cooperative Preschool Review – 2011

There were also a few comments on the Facebook post on Ann Arbor Area Events for Preschoolers and Ann Arbor With Kids recommending Stone School Cooperative Nursery, Sunshine Special, Glacier Way Westside Coop, and Discovery Center on Maple and Liberty.

I found Open House information for these schools:

  • Stone School Cooperative Nursery – Saturday, February 4 from 10a-noon
  • Ann Arbor Co-Op Preschool – Saturday, February 11 from 10a-noon
  • Glacier Way West Side Cooperative Preschool – Monday, February 13 from 12-1:30p
  • Ypsilanti Co-op Preschool – Thursday, February 16 from 4-8p
  • Allen Creek Preschool Open House – Friday, February 17 from 10a-noon
  • Dexter Cooperative Nursery – March 5
  • Sunshine Special – Children are welcome at the open houses on Saturdays, March 10 and April 21 at 9:30a & 11a. Parent only open houses are offered on Fridays, March 23 and April 11 at 11a.

I could not find open house information on the websites for the other schools listed above. If you wish to have your preschool’s open house information listed, please comment below or e-mail them to me. You can also e-mail me reviews of the preschool your child attends (or attended).


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