Ann Arbor Preschool Open Houses

Preschool Open Houses

If your child is going to be starting preschool in the fall, it is the time of year to start your school search. I know when my daughter was 3, I was surprised by how early the Preschool Open Houses were. I only started looking for preschools in mid-March. By that time several schools only had limited options available.

Ann Arbor Preschool Open Houses

When visiting preschools, it is important to consider what type of program you are looking for – parental involvement, class length, class frequency, curriculum, schedule, and other factors that are important to you. Also, if you are planning to send your child to more than one year of preschool, it is a good idea to make sure that the school meets your desires for successive years as well so that you do not have to change schools. 

My daughter attended Stone School Cooperative Preschool. I wanted a school that encouraged and welcomed parental involvement, one where my daughter’s class would be the same each day (ie all children attended on the same schedule), and one where we both felt comfortable. We loved her preschool and definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a preschool.

There are two ways to visit a school, through open houses or through tours during class time. While an open house is a good way to speak to the teachers and other parents, classroom tours allow you to have a feel for how the class is run and how the facility looks with an actual class in it instead of a classroom full of adults and potentially more people than kids in a class. If possible, I encourage you to visit both an open house and arrange for a classroom tour.


If your school’s open house isn’t listed, add it in the comments or e-mail me. Later this month, I will be compiling a Preschool Guide. If you want to be sure your child’s preschool is included in our guide, please be sure to either have the school contact Ann Arbor with Kids or send their contact information to Ann Arbor with Kids.

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  1. Washtenaw Christian Academy is having an open house on February 25th. I’ve loved sending my daughter there for preschool!

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