Preschool Guide: Open House at Stone School Cooperative

Disclaimer: My daughter attended Stone School Cooperative Nursery. I have donated a sponsorship slot in the Preschool Guide to them.

Are you still looking for a preschool for your child who will be 3, 4, or 5 this fall? If so, mark your calendar for the May 31 Open House at Stone School Cooperative Nursery from 10a-noon.

My daughter attended Stone School Cooperative Nursery for two years and we loved it! I loved the parental involvement inherent in a co-operative preschool. I really had the opportunity to get to know her teachers, her classmates, and their parents. I am still good friends with many of the parents that I met at Stone School.

Stone School has four class offerings: 3s (Tuesday/Thursday mornings), 3/4s (Tuesday/Thursday afternoons), 4s (Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings), and PreK (Monday/Wednesday/Friday afternoons). My daughter attended the 3/4s her first year and PreK her second year. She is on the left in the picture below when she was in the 3/4s class.

Stone School Cooperative Nursery has been operating since the fall of 1955 in the historic Stone School which celebrated it’s 100th anniversary in 2011. The 4s/PreK teacher, Annie, has been with Stone School for 25 years. My daughter loved Annie’s class and was very well prepared for Kindergarten. While the 3s and 3/4 teacher Beth started in 2013, she is a former Ann Arbor Public School kindergarten teacher and a former parent of SSCN students. I was on the SSCN Board with Beth and think she is an excellent choice and was thrilled to hear that SSCN had hired her.


Stone School Cooperative Nursery is located at 2811 Stone School Road in Ann Arbor.

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