Parent Review of Stone School Cooperative Nursery

I’m in my fourth year as a Stone School parent: my oldest daughter was in the 3s and the Pre-K classes, and second daughter was in the 3s class and is now in the 4s class. (And next fall, we’ll start all over again with our son in the 3s class!) Needless to say, we’ve been very happy with every aspect of the school. The co-op model keeps tuition relatively low, but more importantly, it allows me to be involved with my kids’ school – I know their teachers well, I get to know their new little friends, and I get to watch my kids experience their first formal education and all the accomplishments that go along with that.
I’ve also been very happy with the curriculum. Since more and more Kindergarteners are in full-day programs, which are becoming more and more academic, some parents are concerned that their children won’t be prepared unless their preschool program has longer hours, more days, or a more “academic” curriculum. (Stone School has a play-based curriculum, and classes are just over 2 hours long, with kids going either 2 or 3 days per week). To me, this is like looking at a newborn who can’t even keep balance her head, and worrying that she will never be able to walk in just a year’s time! I’ve found that my older daughter was very well-prepared for Kindergarten, and I think this was because her preschool classes were enriching but developmentally appropriate. I’m hopeful that my 4-year-old will sit still long enough for me to teach her all her letter sounds by the time she enters Kindergarten…but if that doesn’t happen, I’m just as confident that she’ll do well next year because of her experience at Stone School. These past two years she’s been learning to sit quietly, follow classroom rules, recognize patterns, ask questions, and speak with confidence in front of her classmates…everything she needs to succeed in “real” school.

– Leigh Sprauer, Stone School Cooperative Nursery Parent

Stone School Cooperative Nursery will be holding an Open House on Saturday, February 4, 2012 from 10a-noon.

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Disclaimer: My daughter attended Stone School Cooperative Nursery for two years and we loved it there. I am giving them advertising space on the blog in exchange for an ad in their newsletter.


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