Noon Years Eve at Briarwood Mall Review

Today my daughter and I attended the Noon Years Eve celebration at Briarwood Mall with Radio Disney. We met her cousins there and also ran into several classmates. We arrived shortly before the 11:30a start time to find the craft activities had already started. 

DJ is Getting the Crowd Ready
There was quite a line to make the craft, a simple rolled paper noise maker. A second, or even third table would have been helpful. While in line, they were distributing Oz posters and sheets from their upcoming show I Didn’t Do It which premieres on January 17, 2014. Once my daughter and her cousins finished the craft, I took my daughter to Justice to buy leggings in a larger size than Santa had brought (his were good as capris, but not very warm for the winter). I was also able to find a few long sleeve winter t-shirts on sale ($4.79!) and a sweater dress. 
Craft Table
My daughter and I arrived back to the JCPenney Court just before the noon countdown which was followed by games by the Radio Disney staff. They started the games off with a Snowball game much like Hot Potato which one of my daughter’s friends was selected to play. Other games included Winter Classic Trivia, Dance Choreography, Frozen Trivia, Ice Statue Balancing and more. They did a good job picking kids from all areas of the audience to participate, not just those in front. The crowd did dwindle as the games wore on. The games concluded at 1p with the drawing for tickets to the Winter Classic.

“Hot Snowball”

Overall my daughter had fun, even though she wasn’t picked for any of the games. She enjoyed watching her friend participate. However, my nieces (3.5 and 5.5), found the event to be overwhelming and decided not to stick around for the whole event.

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  • Thank you for the review. We decided to go to Kerrytown after thinking the mall would be too busy. Kerrytown celebration was outdoors which made the crafts difficult to do. They did send home bags with crafts to do later. They did do a marshmallow roast which my kids 9 and 5 did enjoy. We did not stay for long as it was just too chilly. We ended up going to the Tea Haus which is always a good time.

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