Noise Lab Music Classes

Are you looking for a family friendly music class for your child? Noise Lab A2 classes will be held at Pointless Brewery & Theatre. The classes are geared towards families with kids ages 0-5. See their press release below for details.

Noise Lab

New Music Class in Ann Arbor

Class location:
Pointless Brewery and Theatre
3014 Packard
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Noise Lab Instructors: Stratus Ensemble: Joanna Goldstein, Flute; Shane Jones, Percussion 

Class Dates: Classes offered: Sunday and Tuesday mornings 9/18-11/15


Class cost: $225 for the nine week session


Noise Lab is a creative music incubator dedicated to music learning focused on creativity. We prioritize improvisation and composition in the learning process and believe that making music should be fun and engaging! Noise Lab workshops build a music rich environment through folk, traditional, classical, and jazz repertoire and creativity through improvisation and composition. Think of learning music like learning a language. Improvising and composing in music can be analogous to speaking and writing in language. In every class students listen, sing, move, and play instruments learning a selection of varied repertoire with improvisation at the center of every lesson. Parents, guardians, and students will learn how to engage in meaningful music making while encouraging musicianship skills through shared online playlists, performances, and feedback.


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