New Spray ‘n’ Play at Independence Lake

Last week a friend was mentioning that her husband saw water-slide construction when he was at Independence Lake. I checked their website and did not see any information on the construction. Then this weekend, I saw the construction at Rolling Hills and was able to find information through a Google search and then found details on the Rolling Hills Facebook page. That led me to the Independence Lake Facebook page and pictures of their construction.

They are adding Blue Heron Bay, a new spray zone with additional sprays and this awesome looking double slide. The area is scheduled to open on Saturday, May 25.

With the improvements at both Rolling Hills and Independence Lake I am very glad that I already have my 2013 vehicle pass. In the past my daughter has not been a fan of Independence Lake. She did not like the rocky beach or swimming in the lake. Before last year, she did not like spray zones either. However, I just showed her the slide picture and she can’t wait to go!

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