Mickey’s Dairy Twist in Saline: Cookie Monster Sundae and Review

Last night my daughter had a Cookie Dough Monster Sundae for dessert. We were in Saline and ended up at Mickey’s Dairy Twist for dessert.

She was debating between Cookies and Cream Ice Cream and Cookie Dough when she saw the Cookie Dough Monster picture on the wall. Sold. She didn’t believe me at first when I told her she could have any type of ice cream and they would add cookie dough on top. She ended up choosing Cookies & Cream Ice Cream, so she got the best of both worlds.

The Cookie Dough Monster was served in a trash can (kids can choose pink, purple, or green), topped with whipped cream with blue sugar crystals and given eyes and a pink tongue.

My daughter loved her sundae and brought almost half home for tonight – thank goodness for the trash can lid!

Mickey’s Dairy Twist serves both homemade hard pack and soft serve ice creams. I had a Mint Cookies and Cream Hard Pack and my husband had a Vanilla milkshake. I should have taken a picture of my “small” cup because it was much larger than I expected.


In addition to the Cookie Dough Monster sundae, they also offer trash can sundaes. The sundaes can be made with either soft serve or had pack ice cream.

We all liked our desserts and definitely recommend checking it out. As an added bonus while there was always someone at the counter, there was not a long line to wait in for our ice cream.

Mickey’s Dairy Twist is located at 751 W. Michigan Ave just east of Ann Arbor St. in downtown Saline.

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