Mickey Cinnamon Rolls

As a pre-Easter treat this morning, I was making Cinnamon Rolls. Earlier this week, I had found the Cinnamon Roll Bunnies on Pillsbury’s website through Pinterest. Since we aren’t having Cinnamon Rolls for Easter Breakfast, I decided to make them this morning.

Rather than use a long strip to make two ears as suggested in the method, I cut each strip in half and formed two oval ears. As I was forming the oval bunny ears, I realized that it would be easy to do circular ears and make Mickey cinnamon rolls. Since there are 3 of us, I made 3 Bunnies and 1 bonus Mickey Cinnamon Roll. I will definitely be making Mickey Cinnamon Rolls again in the future.

Mickey Cinnamon Rolls


Making Mickey Cinnamon Rolls:

  1. Place 4 cinnamon rolls in the center of your baking sheet as the faces
  2. Unroll a cinnamon roll and break in half. Roll each half into a circle for Mickey ears (or an oval for bunny ears). Place next to a face and pinch slightly to attach them.
  3. I staggered mine with half the ears on top and half on the bottom to give more baking room.
    Cinnamon Roll Bunnies Ready to Bake
  4. Bake according to the recipe
  5. Use the provided icing and other adornments like chocolate chips, jelly beans, and nuts to decorate.

The Mickey Cinnamon Rolls turned out perfectly. The only thing that I would do is pinch them a little tighter to attach them to the face since all of my ears had a tendency to break from the faces. The bunny ears ended up puffing wider than they were. Next year, I will form just the outline of an oval instead of an oval spiral. The middle section of the spiral caused the bunny ears to puff too wide and become more circular.


My daughter enjoyed decorating her bunny with jelly beans.

Cinnamon Roll Bunny Decorated

We chose to just decorate our Mickey cinnamon roll with icing.


Cinnamon Roll Mickey Iced

Mickey Cinnamon Rolls are a great way to prepare your kids for a trip to Disney. They would work great as an announcement, snack at a planning session, or on the morning you leave.

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