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Live Fitness Classes at Home with Gixo

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Disclosure: Gixo has sponsored this article. All opinions are mine.

Is it challenging to find a workout class that fits with your schedule? Whether you have little ones at home, or busy school aged kids a parent’s schedule can be complicated. Exercise videos are great, but don’t offer the feedback or interaction of a live class. Gixo is a fitness app that combines the best of both worlds. An online fitness class led live by an instructor and with class interactions.

Gixo Fitness App - Outdoor Excercise

Gixo Fitness Classes

Gixo offers a wide variety of fitness classes. Class categories include walking, running, yoga, pilates, strength, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Classes are offered both at set-times and on-demand. Classes range from 11 minutes to 60 minutes.

Gixo App - Class Categories & Schedule

Set-Time Classes

The set-time classes are perfect if you can keep a schedule. They offer a live trainer who offers encouragement throughout the course. I took a walking class with Coach Henry. He kept me on track and encouraged me when to increase my pace to hit my step goal.

On-Demand Classes

On-Demand Classes are a great choice when you are ready to workout and there isn’t a class available. These are pre-recorded classes, so all the interaction with the instructor is pre-recorded. If your baby goes down for a nap and you have 45 minutes, these are perfect.


My Gixo Class Experience

Yesterday I took my first Gixo Class – Walk and Stretch with Coach Henry. I was lucky to be the only person in the session so I got personalized attention. We alternated stretches and 5 minutes of walking. During the stretch sections the exercise is demonstrated on screen. Since I was new to the workout, it was easier to see the exercise than try to follow the description. (Note screenshots are from the On Demand Walk & Stretch Class since I was focused on working out during my session).

Gixo Walk & Stretch Class Screenshots

Gixo Benefits for Parents

Gixo has lots of benefits for parents.

  • Workouts offered 19 hours a day. Workout while the kids are sleeping (morning, naps, and night). No need to cancel for a lack of child care.
  • No commitments. You can vary your schedule as needed
  • Minimal time outlay – no budgeting in driving to the gym
  • Personalized Coaching & Class Camaraderie
  • Only $14.99/month with a yearly subscription.

Get Started with Gixo

Learn more about Gixo on their website. Then, download Gixo for your smartphone (both Apple and Android apps are available). Register for an account by starting with the one week free trial. A monthly membership is just $14.99/month for unlimited classes. Browse the Class List and sign up for an upcoming workout.

Preparing for your Gixo Workout

When you signup for the class, you can add it directly to your calendar app as a reminder. You’ll receive a reminder text 15 minutes before your class starts. That means it’s time to start getting ready. Grab a water bottle, lace up your shoes (or take them off for yoga), gather any other equipment, setup your mat, and enter the class on the app.

Gixo Workout - Stretching Outdoors

I suggest doing a trial run with an on-demand class. I started with a scheduled class and did not have the permissions set properly. The Gixo app was not using location and could not see my distance walked or step count. I lost about 5 minutes of the class fixing this.

Tips for a Gixo Workout

When selecting a workout, check the intensity level, time, and required equipment.

Use the 15 minute warning to prep for the class. Lace up your shoes, fill a water bottle, and clear space on the floor if you’re doing mat work. If you are headed outside, make sure to grab your headphones. If you are doing mat work inside, you can set your phone up with the camera so that the instructor can see you. For mat work, I’d actually use my AppleTV airplay to show the workout on my TV and set the phone where the instructor can see me.

Gixo - Working Out with Friend

For outdoor walking/running classes, turn off your Wi-Fi so your class doesn’t drop as you transition out of your Wi-Fi range. If you plan to do a lot of outdoor classes, you may need an unlimited data plan since the app is streaming video and music.

For classes that mix walking/running and other exercises, some exercises need something for balance (a bench, bar, etc.).  I usually walk from my house to a nearby park. I’ll have to make sure to choose a route where I’m not on an open path when I need a bench or bar for balance.

Gixo Fitness App - Outdoor Stretching with dog

Check the weather before starting your walking or running class. It started to rain just as my walking class started, so I ended up walking circles in my basement – and had to swap outdoor for indoor sneakers. Also, be aware of any changes in your workout as a result. My indoor route had many tight corners, so it slowed down my step rate.


Gixo Workout Benefits

What is your workout preference? Personally, I have not been working out. I want to start easy and am definitely not ready to join a class at a gym. The Gixo Workout is the perfect way to ease me into a workout routine. It lets me workout in a class, with a trainer, from the privacy of my own home (or neighborhood).

Gixo Fitness - Cool Down

Gixo offers workouts at almost any time of day. There are classes starting as early as 5am and as late as 11:30pm. Having a set class really helps me make a commitment to the program. Without a schedule, I often say “one more thing” and then 2 hours have passed.

Don’t worry if a class doesn’t fit your schedule. Many classes are available on-demand. You won’t get the same trainer feedback or camaraderie as a live class, but it works for

Gixo Fitcamp Express

Join Gixo Fitcamp ExpressWant some extra motivation? Gixo Fitcamp Express kicks off on Monday, October 8 and runs through Thursday, October 25. This 3 week session offers a 25 minute daily workout Monday-Thursday. During the workout you will tone, burn, sweat, and recover. Even better, the only equipment you need is a mat. Don’t have a mat? Grab a towel. Just pick a time slot that works for you, signup, and join the group.

There are a wide range of available times:

  • 6:30a
  • 7:30a
  • 9:30a
  • 1p
  • 3p
  • 8:15p
  • 10p

Which class time works for you? Maybe it’s 6:30a before the kids are up? Or the 10p after the kids are in bed. Although with a 12 year old, my daughter isn’t always in bed by that point. For me, the 9:30a time is perfect on most days. It lets everyone leave for school/work, gives me time to get some early morning work done, but is still early enough that I don’t feel like I should shower before the class.


Join Gixo Now

Now is the time! Join Gixo and maybe I’ll see you in a class over the next few weeks. I’m adding my currently signed up class schedule. I’ll be tweaking my classes so I’m not attending two on Wednesday and have a few meetings to setup this week.

Gixo - My Class Signup

And if anyone can recommend great ear buds, let me know. I have so much trouble finding ones that fit. I think I have small ears.


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