Lillie Park Playground - Main Structure

Lillie Park

This profile of Lillie Park is part of our Summer Series: Tuesday Playground Profiles

Each week Ann Arbor with Kids is profiling a different playground in the Ann Arbor area. Playgrounds will be selected from Ann Arbor, Saline, Ypsilanti, Dexter, etc. Today we are profiling Pittsfield Township’s Lillie Park.

Lillie Park

Lillie Park is split into Lillie Park North and Lillie Park South. While the park is contiguous, there is no path connecting the two portions of the park. Lillie Park North has a fishing pond and walking trails. However, the focus of the profile is Lillie Park South since that is where the playground is located.

Lillie Park Playground - Main Structure

Address: 4365 Platt Rd, Ann Arbor 48108
Unique Features: A great small play structure for younger kids, soccer fields.


Lillie Park Playground - Toddler Play Structure
Swings: No
Surface: Woodchips
Bathrooms: Yes, open seasonally. Same with the water fountain.

Lillie Park Playground - Bathrooms
Shade: No
Pavilion: Yes. There are 2 pavilions available at Lillie Park
Sports Fields: Numerous soccer fields

Lillie Park Playground - Soccer FieldsWalking Trails: Lillie Park offers several walking trails. The good news is that parts of the paths are shaded offering a break from the heat. There are paved paths in full sun around the sports field and at Lille Park North. The trails near the ponds offer more shade and limestone trails. There is also one wood chip trail, but it can be easily avoided and is clearly marked on the park maps.

Lillie Park Playground - Trail Map
Parental Warning:
 Bring hats, sunscreen and water! Lillie Park is in full sun most of the day and gets hot. The park can be crowded when the soccer fields are in full use, particularly on Saturday mornings in spring and fall.
Parking: Parking is plentiful at Lillie Park in most circumstances. Parking can be difficult during large events or when the soccer fields are all in use. 

Lillie Park Review


Over the years we have frequented the Lillie Park playground. We keep returning despite the full-sun nature of the park. It happens to be conveniently located between our house and friends houses which made it a convenient park to meet at.

When my daughter was younger I appreciated the small playing structure that is designed for ages 2-5. It really is perfect for a toddler! Parents can reach the entire structure, it offers a side-by-side slide, climb through lion, spinning animal matching, and more. Even the main structure has parts of it that she could do from a young age that were fairly accessible for parental supervision.

The main structure offers something for lots of different ages. There are 4 slides on the main structure, a tube slide, a side-by-side straight slides, and two open twisting slide. At some parks, my 10 year old can reach the monkey bars from the ground. So she definitely appreciates the monkey bars at Lillie Park that are well above her head.

We have brought a picnic dinner to Lillie Park and eaten in the Pavilion when it has not been in use.

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