Leslie Science Center Summer Camp Review

Earlier this month my daughter attended Leslie Science and Nature Center’s Summer Camp this year for their Dinosaurs Week. Last year she was obsessed with dinosaurs and I would have loved to have signed her up, but she was not old enough as she was going into Kindergarten rather than having completed it.

Tie Dye Camp Shirt –
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She attended the week of camp with our next door neighbor which made for a great carpool. Between the 4 parents, I only ended up doing one drop-off and one pick-up. When we arrived, we discovered that 2 of her kindergarten classmates were also in her camp class and after I picked her up, she told me that another of their classmates was in a different group of Dinosaur campers.

My daughter loved the LSNC Dinosaur Camp. Her favorite day was Thursday which had three choice times. She told us how she “had a plan” to tie-dye, critter house, then make a s’more, and games if she had time. She told us it was the perfect plan because while she was eating her s’more there was the last call for tie-dye and for making s’mores. Her tie-dye shirt turned out great! The tie-dye shirt is a nice change from the signed logo tees that many camps hand out.

She enjoyed the crafts that they made and that they had the chance to watch a movie for a little while each day. They watched the original Land Before Time and Ice Age.

This was the second full-day camp that she did this summer. With the first camp (Girl Scouts), she told me that she missed me because the days were long. With the LSNC camp. she did not say anything about missing me while at camp. However, I asked her today if she had missed me while she was at camp she said yes. With her starting full-day school (1st grade) this year, I am very glad that I had her in camp to get used to the idea of full-days.


I was a little worried about the logistics of camp since I knew they didn’t have a huge parking lot. I did the drop-off on Monday and it worked fine. For pickup, we found that by arriving 15 minutes before pick-up that you would be able to get a parking space. On the first day, we were greeted by a camp staff at the base of the stairs. He was looking up each child’s name and determining where their camp group was meeting. When we arrived at the meeting place (the Leslie House in our case), you signed your child in and were free to leave. The only hiccup I had was that I was also dropping off our neighbor and they could not locate his contact forms. My neighbor had mailed them in and had never been notified that they were missing. I feel that this should have been communicated prior to camp.

Despite falling twice skinning both her knee and her elbow, my daughter loved camp. She recommends the camp and wants to do at least one session again next summer.

They still have openings in select camps:

  • Tykes (ages 4-5) A Sensational Week – half-day afternoons August 27-30
  • Grade 4-5 Critter House – August 13-17 (includes one overnight)
  • Grade 6-7 Outbound Adventures – August 13-17 (includes one overnight)
  • Gardes 8-12 Great Lakes Quest – July 30-August 3

While they don’t have any camps open for Grades K-1 or Grades 2-3, it is a good camp to keep in mind for next summer. LSNC also offers before and after-care with their camps to make the camp easier for working parents. They also offer programs on school breaks and days off.

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